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dental malpractice leaving medicated gauze in for over a month?

i went on november 1st 2010 to get my two top wisdom teeth and my bottom right lower wisdom tooth surgically removed i went to my dentist a week later to have my lower right one packed because it didn't clot right and i almost had dry socket. The dentist packed it with medicated gauze or packing and i was to come back in a couple days this was on friday. I went back on mo dayy to a different dentist to have the gauze removed the dentist dug around for a while andcouldn'tt find it. He said i must of swallowed it. Ididn'tt think nothing of it itdidn'tt hurt or anything.Justs felt a littleuncomfortablee. well i went back in on the 15th of December 2010 because i noticed something white in my extraction site to me it looked like the packing so i made an appointment to have it looked at well i went back to the same dentist that said hecouldn'tt find it myaptointment was at like 9:05 am i got in right on time the dentist came in looked in my mouth asked me if i had been smoking i said yeah iv had a couple well he didnt even take notice to the white clump hanging out of my extraction site he jus said i needed to give it another week and to stop smoking i wasnt in the chair 6 minuets and he said have a good day theres nothing to be worried about its normal give it another week. well on 12-20-10 i went into the emergency room cause i havent been feeling good need to say they pulled out the medicated packing thats been there for over a month and a half... it was seriously infected so they put me on amoxicillin the doctor said right out something like this can cause infection in my blood and can cause heart mermors can i sue for malpractice?

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    Never See Dentist Again :

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    Most dentists will settle outside of court because they don't want to waste their time in court. Hire a lawyer and see what happens. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

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