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Books to learn to read Sanskrit?

I'd like to learn to read Sanskrit, what are some good books to learn it from? Thanks!

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    Oh, goodness me! You have picked one of the toughest of all languages to learn. Having learned it myself and used several books, I can tell you that there is one book you should not do without, and this is "The Sanskrit Language - an introductory grammar and reader" (Revised edition in paperback, 2009) by Walter Harding Maurer, published by Routledge, ISBN 978-0-415-49143-3. This is an expensive book, there is no denying that. However, it is superlative value for money.

    The problem with the cheaper primers is that the Sanskrit typefaces are often unclear, or even defective. The Routledge grammar has an exceptionally clear typeface, and this means it is expensive to print. But you cannot do without a clearly printed textbook if you are a beginner.

    Now, if you want a taster before committing yourself to the $50 or so that you will need to spend for the Routledge grammar, there is another book with a clear typeface that you can get for much less. This is George L. Hart's "A Rapid Sanskrit Method" (1st ed. 1984, reprinted 2006) published by Motalil Banarsidass, ISBN 81-208-0199-7. This is very dense, not great for beginners, but on the other hand it is much smaller and therefore more portable.

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