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How Do I Used Birth Control pills ?

So today i got the WATSONPHARMA ( Low - Ogestrel ) birh control pill & im not sure if i have to wait till an exact day to start using or i could just start taking them right away . . . PLEASE HELP !

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    WATSON PHARMA is a pharmaceutical company Low-Ogestrel is a combination pill, this means that you can start this pill at any time of the month; however you will need back up for the first week. As is true for all hormonal birth control, you may start during the first 5 days of your period and be protected right away.

    So yes, you may start tomorrow or wait till you're on your period. Remember to take it at a time that is convenient to your schedule.

    hope this helps clear things up.

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    If this is her first month ever taking birth control, then yes, she should use a backup contraceptive. If she has been on birth control for a while now, then the odds of her pill failing by taking it 30 minutes late is highly unlikely. even if she ever misses an entire day, tell her to just take two the next day. But, as always, it's better to talk to a doctor before making any decisions.

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    I am so glad you have them With out any idea how to use them. .it is such a wonderful thing to own birth control pills as decorations for your Clutch or your night stand for when your friends come over. They make cute little Brownie topping too. though a little bit pricey for most of us. If it did not come with directions ,they must be stolen or someone Else' prescription. Even those from Street Clinics are given with instructions. My advice is Call a Nurse or doctor. or maybe the web site of the manufacture. possibly the Google site has instructions.

    But the pill is useless as the box it came in as BIRTH CONTROL. I am a pill-BABY as are 11 others in my blooded family. They make you think you are protected while it is so fail prone it is ridicules.

    Hey it is a Full MOON tonight 12/21/10 that is a also a 400 year old Eclipse pattern. may be that is a good SIGN for you. it would be for me I am 27.753 days between regular periods. so I would be on time if I started the full strength pills now and then when the placebos came up i would start my period like it was normal. of course I may gain 22 pounds,, have spotting at mid cycle. and 183 other side effects of what Ever pill/implant/patch/ shot you get. I am 23 X eleven yrs S-A the pill was my mothers first Reaction. I found out it was not so I gave then to my friend and I stayed with my own method V-C-F- and related spermicides and a condom EVERY Fu jinxing time, no JOKE a spermicide inside you an d inside the condom for the Chance breakage. and another when it is all over and you are quiet for the next several hours. leave than alone and never douche them out they clean their selves out naturally and continue to kill sperm as Long as they are in contact with them. I went to Female condoms then a I U D as my growth became static. and I have only 2 pregnancy scares in my life A condom broke that was not pre loaded with a V-C-F- film I was but Didn't trust one. So I paid the @#&% 50.00 bucks and took it [ he re reimbursed me later ] A big deal for a 16 year old boy .Then once I had a SURPRISE at a competition Cheer and I was three days late after that. I ran to the Sports Doctor for our school and he Tested me quietly as if for other things and it was negative ,I was on THE pill then also., at mothers insistence,. [He had started with a condom on but I found it later in the stool [?] . use your own judgment and take the pill as a back up to good sex practices. but get the instructions next visit to a Physician .

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    Read the instructions!!!! Most pills you take the sunday after your period starts, if you start you period on a sunday then you take the pill that day....... (most BC I have been on was like this... but seriously read the instructions thoroughly!)

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