final fantasy 7 guide book item and 1/35 soldiers?

i got final fantasy 7 for the pc and im right before the part where the rocket go up into space and so i was looking up the password to get the huge materia and come across a short walk though on how to beat two of the strongest weapons it involves a item you get in the under water meko reactor in the glass tunnel once you fight the ghost ship and use morph you get the guide book but my problem now is im passed the under water meko reactor so can you get it from any other enemy or can you get back into the under water meko reactor again i know you cant by submarine but can you go back throw junin again? and also i read up a few story's on the 12 1/35 soldiers 2 involving sephiroth clones-i don't believe those ones- one about a mansion in costa del sol (believe it or not is a place in real life O.O) that all 12 of the 1/35 soldiers are put on display that one is the most believable but i been there a 1000 times and never was able to buy any mansion and the last involves some one at the golden saucer if any one knows anything about these two things please tell me

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    Guide Book - get it from a Ghost Ship by morphing it. Yes, you can get back to the reactor through Junon, you can only go as far as the underwater pipe, where you see all the sharks and things swimming about, but that's exactly the area where you find them. Exchange the Guide Book for Underwater Materia from the old guy at Kalm.

    1/35 soldiers - A useless item, like many other useless items in the game, but it's precisely because they're useless that people make up conspiracy theories about them. You can't collect all 12; they have nothing to do with the Sephiroth clones; you can't display them in your villa.

    Masnion in Costa Del Sol - You can buy the villa, but it's very expensive (129,000 gil, if I remember correctly) and the guy on the bed won't offer you it until you have enough. Master an All Materia for easy money (you can sell them for 1,400,000 gil) but all the villa is is basically a free inn. You can sleep there, but that's it.

    Gold Saucer - never heard that one. It's possible that you may be able to pick up one there, maybe as a prize, but that's it.

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    There is no use for the Tissue, Super Sweeper, Masamune replica, or 1/35 Soldiers in FF7. But if you purchase the vacation home in Costa Del Sol, the soldiers will be up on display there.

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    You actually fight the ghost ship under water in a destroyed cargo ship. Use the submarine to find the ship. Careful not to bump into Emerald Weapon. Not sure about 1/35 soldiers.

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