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My 50 favorite vocalists who do you think are the 10 best singers off this list?

1. Elvis Presley

2. Roy Orbison

3. Sam Cooke

4. Jackie Wilson

5. Aretha Franklin

6. Frank Sinatra

7. Ray Charles

8. Meat Loaf

9. David Ruffin

10. Gladys Knight

11. Bobby Darrin

12. Mick Jagger

13. Ben King

14. Robert Plant

15. Little Richard

16. James Brown

17. John Lennon

18. Dean Martin

19. Steve Perry

20. Jeff Buckley

21. David Bowie

22. Roger Daltrey

23. Bob Dylan

24. Ann Wilson

25. Prince

26. Jim Morrison

27. Brad Delp

28. Dusty Springfield

29. Paul McCartney

30. Neil Young

31. Chuck Berry

32. Davy Jones

33. Michael Jackson

34. Debbie Harry

35. Geoff tate

36. Buddy Holly

37. Bob Seger

38. Matt Barlow

39. Frank Zappa

40. Jim Croce

41. Trent Reznor

42. Tom Jones

43. Peter Gabriel

44. Marvin Gaye

45. Carly Simon

46. Tom Waits

47. Nat King Cole

48. Leonard Cohen

49. Justin Hayward

50. Levi Stubbs

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  • Em
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    9 years ago
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    1. Elvis Presley

    2. Michael Jackson

    3. Debbie Harry

    4. Carly Simon

    5. Tom Jones

    6. John Lennon

    7. Frank Sinatra

    8. Buddy Holly

    9. Trent Renzor

    10. Dusty Springfield

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  • 1. Bob Dylan - Been listening to his voice on record, tape, CD longer than I can remember

    2. Jim Morrison - Could listen to him without the rest of the doors for hours.

    3. David Bowie

    4. Roger Daltrey

    5. Neil Young

    6. John Lennon

    7. Nat King Cole

    8. James Brown

    9. Roy Orbison

    10. Leonard Cohen

    I get to see # 1 and 10 next year :)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Elvis Presley

    Bob Seger

    Paul McCartney

    Jim Croce

    John Lennon

    Neil Young

    Dean Martin

    Ann Wilson

    Roger Daltrey

    Buddy Holly

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  • 9 years ago

    1: David Bowie

    2: Frank Sinatra

    3: Mick Jagger

    4: Elvis Presley

    5: Arethra Franklin

    6: John Lennon

    7: Ben King

    8: Frank Zappa

    9: Ray Charles

    10: Robert Plant

    I must admit I was surprised not to see Elton John

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1.Bob Dylan (not famous for his voice, but he's my hero and will always be my number one)

    2.John Lennon

    3.Jim Morrison

    4.Ray Charles

    5.Marvin Gaye

    6.Paul McCartney

    7.Roy Orbison

    8.Chuck Berry


    10.Leonard Cohen

    Edit:In terms of who has the best voice I would say.

    1.Marvin Gaye

    2.Steve Perry

    3.Roy Orbison

    4.Robert Plant

    5.Jeff Buckley

    6.Micheal Jackson


    8.David Ruffin

    9.Dusty Springfield

    10.Sam Cooke

    Your list is great by the way

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  • 9 years ago

    1.David Bowie

    2.Jim Morrison

    3.Bob Seger

    4.John Lennon

    5.Jeff Buckley

    6.Leonard Cohen


    8.Mick Jagger

    9.Bobby Darrin

    10.Elvis presley

    you have good taste in music!! But liam gallagher is my number 1! :')

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  • Sarah.
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    9 years ago

    This isn't in any order.

    Elvis Presley

    Trent Reznor

    Frank Sinatra

    John Lennon

    Mick Jagger

    Jim Morrison

    Paul McCartney

    Bob Dylan

    Meat Loaf

    Neil Young

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  • 9 years ago

    in your order:

    Sam Cooke

    Jackie Wilson

    Aretha Franklin

    Ray Charles

    Ben King

    Little Richard

    James Brown

    Bob Dylan

    Marvin Gaye

    Tom Waits

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  • Lisa
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    9 years ago

    Michael Jackson should be in the top 5! & you forgot Smokey Robinson & Mariah Carey....

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  • 9 years ago

    Good list but personally, just my opinion, i would have put Frank Sinatra at the top

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