Dangerous to be a gay charity worker in Africa?

Hi everyone, my friends have invited me to go with them to Africa for a couple of months as a charity worker, we'd be working in a hospital in Malawi. I really want to go but I have concerns that, as a young white gay man, would it be dangerous to travel to africa? I am openly gay in the uk where i live, it's not like i'd be intending to get a boyfriend or carry out 'homosexual acts' at all in africa, i'd be keeping a low profile, but i'd be afraid of possible abuse, physical and verbal, towards me if people found out i was gay,it's not like my friends would tell anyone but i'm quite camp, and i wouldn't want to have to make a conscious effort to 'act straight' for a couple of months. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice on this? thanks

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  • Erin
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    1 decade ago
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    i was in africa (senegal, niger, gambia, mali, and south africa) for 3 years and had no problems being a gay woman. for the most part it's not even on peoples radar. don't know what its like in malawi, but i can't imagine having any problems unless you bring the subject up. hope you go, my experience was great and i wouldn't trade it for anything.

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    Well, in 37 seven countries in Africa being gay is illegal, and those laws were passed with an immense out pouring of propaganda by right wing missionaries that has gotten so out of control that many gay people have been killed in the streets by angry mobs. And a court in Nigeria has sentence a man to be stoned to death for being gay. I'm not even gay and I know that. In fact a Google search of the words "anti gay violence in Africa" turned up page after page of news articles. So no, don't go. The answer is so obvious and high profile I'm having a hard time believing this question wasn't posted just to bring up the topic, or for some other reason.

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    i read the comments here and a lady said she's gay and she had no problem when she went to Africa.The problem is that no woman would randomly attack a fellow woman just for being gay but men would.If you can't keep your sexuality to yourself then it's better you don't go.

    There's a stigma against gay and lesbianism in Africa.

    Like everywhere in the world,when a gay male tells people around him that he's gay not everyone takes it kindly.some feel offended others don't care.when they are your friends,the offended ones would shun you but in Africa,you are a total stranger so those who feel offended might attack you. Almost all African's are conservative towards homosexuality.Don't go throwing your weight about being gay in Africa. Because, no one might be punished for attacking you.

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    I live in Uganda and the feeling is much the same throughout Africa. Being gay is considered evil or a sickness and yes, violence is very real. However, if you don't advertise it, there is no problem. They will not ask you if you are gay and if it did arise, say nothing. Don't even defend it if a conversation arises. In other words, be A-sexual and you won't have to worry.

    BTW, it will be a good experience. You should go.

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  • 1 decade ago

    From what I can see, being a Charity worker in Africa is dangerous, but being a visibly gay charity worker could actually be suicidal!

    Be very careful if you are the type of person that cannot stay closeted very easily. It actually could be very dangerous as you can see from the other posts.

    Stay Safe!

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  • H
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    Just keep your sexual orientation (gay) private and you'll be fine. That way you won't give anybody a reason to abuse you in any way,

    I wish especially in Africa people would jump on wife beaters, child abusers, etc, like they do on gays. At least gays do not hurt anybody (if grown ups involved only).

    Wish you all the best.

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    I'm confused. What does "act straight" mean? Does it mean you aren't going to be sticking your thing into other guys (in public)? I often wonder why gays are so fearful of abuse when the first thing out of their mouth is, "Hi! I'm gay!" Could you imagine if every sub-culture did that? "Hi! I like blondes!" "Hi! I like being spanked!" "Hi! I like to wear diapers!"

    Kidding aside, if you don't make a big deal about something chances are no one else will either. It's not like there are roving bands of homosexual chimpanzees that will rape you if their gaydar goes off.

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