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I need a good storyline...I'm writing the same story through multiple perspectives.?

I'm going to have 3 to 4 main characters. I'm going to tell the same story 3 or 4 times but each time a different character narrates the story through their perspective. I'm just having difficulty settling on a good story.

I don't want any crap like "troubles at home" or "fighting with the boyfriend". It's been done and it's boring. But any other suggestions would be helpful.

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    Well hearing the same story 3 or 4 times would get a bit tedious for a reader, so if you choose to do it this way you have to make sure that the main conflict is something that would look different but connected in at least 3-4 different ways to keep readers interested and on their toes. This can include any storyline, you just have to make sure it meets that criteria. Or, you could tell one complete storyline, and just change the points a view throughout the duration. That way there's no retelling going on, it's just a set of streamlined events told in slightly different ways and attitudes. Any story could work, such as a city tragedy, a party gone bad, a death that impacts all 3 or 4 characters, or anything else like that. :)

    good luck!

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    Eli Beck is 17 years old and a senior in high school. He is quiet, shy, and a bit on the nerdy side. He isn't a Greek god or anything, but he is decent looking. He spends lunchtime alone in the school library everyday. Macy Redman is 21 years old and an aide in the library and Eli's school. She takes a few online classes and is working on getting her teaching degree. Mrs. Manson, the librarian, has been sick lately and unable to work, leaving Macy in charge of the whole library. Macy notices Eli spending every day alone in the library at lunch. She begins to talk to him and a friendship forms. However, it is not long before both Macy and Eli realize they've developed much more than a friendship, they're in love.

    Add in lots of twists like maybe they are having a quicky behind the bookshelves and almost get caught by the principal. Macy might also have a fiance who is like 25, who she thinks she loves until she meets Eli. Eli and Macy might also act like Macy is tutoring Eli for the SAT or ACT or something, that way if they spend a lot of time together after school at Macy's place, nobody will ever know what they're really doing. Macy might get pregnant and not know if it is her fiance's or Eli's, OR she may know it's Eli's, but not want Eli to know it's his because he is so young and she might act like it's her fiance's, OR she might tell Eli and they plan to runaway together and get married after Eli turns 18 and graduates, OR she might know it's her fiance's and decide it is best if she ends things with Eli. She might not get pregnant, she might just decide that she wants to marry her fiance and Eli could go off to college and meet someone else. Macy and Eli might decide to get married after Eli graduates from high school OR they may wait until after he graduates college. They might neither one ever get married.

    There are a million ways you could go with this story. I hope that I helped you a little. Feel free to change anything you want. Just remember, you want this story interesting, so add in a lot of conflicts and a lot of emotion. I, personally, would go with Macy getting pregnant and being afraid to tell Eli that she is pregnant because she doesn't want him to have to become a dad at such a young age. Best of luck! :)

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    This sounds like a good opportunity to explore the problems that arise from differences in thinking. It could be caused by culture or just personality.

    Huge conflict can arise if one person doesn't understand why another person is acting the way they do. The conflict gets bigger if it never occurs to them to talk about it.

    One person who deals with pain by withdrawing into contemplation may think that the one who distracts herself from pain by partying just doesn't care.

    Source(s): Some multi-perspective webcomic I once read about a bunch of teenagers that spanned a spectrum of non-traditional sexuality.
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    Oh, this is interesting:


    Alien invasion (Aliens, World Leaders, Child, Earth)


    Someones death (Death, Person died, Relatives)


    Schools being integrated in America (White student, Black student, Teacher, Activist)

    Something where you have a farmer, animals and vegetarians tied up in a feud?

    Source(s): Imagination
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    Through Differenet Eyes


    Look at it your way....??

    very hard to create sorry if didn't help!!

    Can u answer my questions... pretty please

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