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I can't always afford Budweiser or Busch beer, is Hurricane a safe alternative ?

I've always believed that the more expensive something is. The better it is.

My money is tight, and i'm just wondering if these cheap malt liquor 40 ounces ...

( which some people would never drink ) i'm wondering if they are an alright alternative ?

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    9 years ago
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    Yes, it is a safe alternative, but it's very stout.

    If you get it ice cold first, it makes it much better, but if it's luke warm, or even just slightly cold....bleck.

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  • 9 years ago

    The higher the price does not equate to a higher quality, it can but remember that Lobster used to be fed to the poor and orphans a hundred years ago. It is an old retail trick to increase the price of certain items, package them well so as to get the people who believe that the higher the price the better the quality. This especially applies to Orange juice. Hurricane is a good kick beer, not going to make the belgians worry about losing their status as the world's best beer brewers but it is not that far off Bud,Coors etc.

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