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do you have your own idea of a fictional character?

i do Someone who is as good as Lui Kang ( Mortal Kombat ) at fighting. He is a sword master. He can hear the slightest thing and smell from far away. He has great reaction time. He reacts so fast that he can ricochet bullets back at them. His swords are as strong as Wolverines claws and indestuctible. He is so good and percise with his swords he can do a flip and put them both on his back before he lands. On one side of one of his swords he something that can make a spark when he grinds both his swords together n blind the guy he fights. now can you tell me one please?

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    I'm not sure whether this is the sort of character you are looking for - but here is is anyway.

    My guy's named Dmitri, Dmitri Solomin.

    Outwardly - he seems very booky. Wire-rimmed glasses, inquisitive, brown eyes and a disarming smile.

    He's a writer and can usually be found tucked away in a quiet corner, scribbling away - which just adds more to this image of the harmless bookworm.

    But this man has seen horrors many never see. Not too long ago - Dmitri was in the Russian Spetsnaz - taking part in missions that require a steady hand and a resolve as strong and unrelenting as the devil's own.

    He keeps these facts quiet - for he prefers to attempt to forget them himself. But sometimes - when the situation requires it of him, he snaps out of his bookish persona and returns to his trained killer roots.

    Not quite as in depth in relation to stats as your description was but I hope Mitya meets your expectations nonetheless.

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