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Who are 50 vocalist you think are AMAZING?

These tend to do it for me

1. Elvis Presley

2. Roy Orbison

3. Sam Cooke

4. Jackie Wilson

5. Aretha Franklin

6. Frank Sinatra

7. Ray Charles

8. Meat Loaf

9. David Ruffin

10. Gladys Knight

11. Bobby Darrin

12. Mick Jagger

13. Ben King

14. Robert Plant

15. Little Richard

16. James Brown

17. John Lennon

18. Dean Martin

19. Steve Perry

20. Jeff Buckley

21. David Bowie

22. Roger Daltrey

23. Bob Dylan

24. Ann Wilson

25. Prince

26. Jim Morrison

27. Brad Delp

28. Dusty Springfield

29. Paul McCartney

30. Neil Young

31. Chuck Berry

32. Davy Jones

33. Michael Jackson

34. Debbie Harry

35. Geoff tate

36. Buddy Holly

37. Bob Seger

38. Matt Barlow

39. Frank Zappa

40. Jim Croce

41. Trent Reznor

42. Tom Jones

43. Peter Gabriel

44. Marvin Gaye

45. Carly Simon

46. Tom Waits

47. Nat King Cole

48. Leonard Cohen

49. Justin Hayward

50. Levi Stubbs


Bob Dylan is a fantastic vocalist his voice is perfect for the rhythm and lyrics of the songs he writes.

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    In no order

    Freddie Mercury

    Jim Morrison

    Robert Plant

    Bon Scott

    Johnny Cash

    Grace Slick

    Ann Wilson

    Neil Young

    Bob Seger

    Steve Perry

    Bruce Dickinson

    Rob Halford

    Hank Williams Sr

    Mick Jagger

    Brian Johnson

    Chuck Berry

    Stevie Nicks

    John Fogerty

    Eric Burdon

    Ian Gilliam

    David Gilmour

    Roger Waters

    Ray Charles

    Tina Turner


    Patsy Cline

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    1. Julian Truchan

    2. Chad gray

    3. Dave WIlliams

    4. Jason Popson

    5. John Tardy

    6. Erik Rutan

    7. Ryan McCombs

    8. Jeffrey Nothing

    9. Maynard James Keenan

    10: Jason "Gong" Jones

    11. David Driaman

    12. Mikael Akerfledt

    13. Justin Mauriello

    14. Chuck Schuldiner

    15. Waylon Reavis

    16. Matty Lewis

    17. Vincent Bennett

    18. Phil Bozeman

    19. BB King

    20. Chester Bennington

    21. Ali Tabatabaee

    22. Tim Williams

    23. Dez Fafara

    22. Mitch Lucker

    24. Adam Warren

    25. Chris Barnes

    26. Chase Butler

    27. Guy Kozowyk

    28. Jamie Hope

    29. Damien Morris

    30. Luc Lemay

    31. Jonathan Huber

    32. Randy Blythe

    33. Matt Holt

    32. Fred Durst (for the fact that he screams, raps and sings)

    33. Corey Taylor

    32. Mark Greenway

    33. Richard Cheese

    34. AJ Cavalier

    35. Pat Lachman

    36. Matti Way

    37. Phil Anselmo

    38. Rob Halford

    39. A.J. Magana

    40. Levi Fuselier

    41. Andrew [can't find last name] (he is the vocalist of Rishloo)

    42. Marcus Bischoff

    43. George Fisher

    44. Johnny Gioeli

    45. Luke Kenny

    46. James Mislow

    47. Dustin Curtis

    48. James Lee

    49. Muhammed Suiçmez

    50. Steve Rathjen

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    9 years ago

    Bon Scott

    Robert Plant

    Fredie Mercury

    Bruce Dickinson

    Ozzy Osbourne

    Brian Johnson

    Joel O'keefle

    John Lennon

    Micheal Jackson


    Phil Collins

    Paul Stanley

    Roger Taylor

    Axl Rose

    Duff McKagan

    Gene Simmons

    Brian May

    Paul McCartney

    Peter Criss

    Ace Frehley


    Joan Jett

    Source(s): i know this isn't 50 but thats all i can think of
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    9 years ago

    1. Bruno Mars

    2. Jason Derulo

    3. JLS

    4. jayesslee (from youtube)

    5. Christine Grimmie (from youtube)

    6. Matt Palmer

    7. Michael Paynter

    8. Adam Lambert

    9. Michael Jackson

    10. Taio Cruz

    11. Usher

    12. Nelly

    13. Jay Sean

    14. Kevin Ruldolf

    15. Rihanna

    16. Katy Perry

    17. Varsity

    18. Ahmir

    19. Jessica Mauboy

    20. Stan Walker

    21. Tinie Tempah

    22. P!nk

    23. Travis Garland

    24. Chris Brown

    25. Cascada

    26. Claude Kelly

    27. Bi (Rain)

    28. BoA

    29. Good Charlotte

    30. J Rice

    31. J.Reyez

    32. Jason Ray

    33. Jason Mraz

    34. Altyan Childs

    35. Jesse McCartney

    36. Joel Turner

    37. Jordin Sparks

    38. JYJ

    39. Keri Hilson

    40. Lady GaGa

    41. Lee Seung Gi

    42. Lil Eddie

    43. Nasri

    44. Ne-Yo

    45. Nick Carter

    46. Pitbull

    47. Charice

    48. Se7en

    49. Secondhand Serenade

    50. Justin Timberlake

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  • 9 years ago

    Ehh, lets go with 10 ;]

    Jacob Bannon

    Tommy Giles Rogers Jr.

    Mike Patton

    Greg Puciato

    Mikael Akerfeldt

    Toby Driver

    Mookie Singerman

    Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan (Most unique voice, for sure)

    Rody Walker

    Matthew Bellamy

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  • 9 years ago

    1.Rob Halford

    2.Ronnie James Dio

    3.Freddie Mercury

    4.Robert Plant

    5.King Diamond

    6.Bruce Dickinson

    7.Ozzy Osbourne

    8.Travis Ryan(Death Metal)

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  • 9 years ago

    i can't name 50 (that's a lot and my brain isn't functioning too well right now lol) so i'll name my 5 favorites :)

    1. Michael Jackson. never get tired of his voice.

    2. Freddie Mercury. just like Michael, never get tired of it.

    3. Whitney Houston. when she was super amazing.

    4. Stevie Wonder

    5. Bruno Mars. yes i know he's new, but he's a great singer to me. great range and tone.

    Source(s): RIP MJ
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  • 9 years ago

    I love maynard james keenan, but he probably is not 1 of the 50 greatest based on your criteria, he hits some great notes, but its his style that makes me love him. He sings WITH the music more than any other vocalist i know. his voice blends so well into the music that you forget he is saying words. truly a great example of how the voice is as much an instrument as guitar, drums, bass....

    Source(s): TOOL, any song
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  • 4 years ago

    i suppose this could be considered a question. But its not like only black people can sing. There are plenty of great singers in each race, and they are not just limited by genres either. I mean there are white peole that sing hip hop and R&B.

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  • 9 years ago

    bob dylan in not a great vocalist.

    he is a great writer/artist not a great vocalist...

    i don't think i saw alison krauss check out her and robert plant collaborating together.

    Source(s): Im the music man.
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