What do you think of American Eagle?

do you think its a brand posers wear?

or do you just love it?

i personally love it but some people say they hate it why?

sometimes their prices can be pretty cheap i got a graphic t there for 10 dollars

in fact, im wearing a sweater from there right now! which i got for 18 dollars even though its suppose to be 50

so whats soo bad about american eagle?

unless you like em' then why?


ohhh and mosstly my school wears aeropostale and american eagle

and besides, not much people wear hollister or a&f (good)

Update 2:

@gema idk, some ppl think its a poser brand, like hollister and a&f like you see a polo at walmart for say 20 dollars, and at a&f you add a silly moose on it and BAM its 40 dollars its silly andn besides ae has some cute designs and have some great deals like right its buy one get one half off on tops i think it was.

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    I love American Eagle, it's my favorite store & I'm wearing my hoodie from there right now :)

    They have great sales, a greater selection of sizes & not everything has their name plastered on it like Hollister & A&F does

    In my opinion, I see nothing bad about AE...although some of their prices can be a little expensive sometimes, but they make up for it by giving out awesome coupons & special promotions.

  • vespa
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    i've got faith American airlines/American Eagle is devoid of doubt larger than Northwest airlines. I honestly have flown each and each airlines. Northwest is crap, exceedingly on living house flights. To me, i'm able to work out what airline those Continental airlines "artwork tough, Fly mind-blowing" categorized advertisements are portraying. they have plane which will nicely have the capacity to having into-flight entertainment, notwithstanding they are too low-priced to have IFE. the only time NWA would have IFE is maximum effective on flights to/from Hawaii, (interior of) Asia, Europe appropriate. there is no pillows, in-flight skill, or blankets on their flights the two (on the least on a majority of NWA flights). American airlines is probably no longer perfect yet they recent those concerns on their quite a few, if no longer all, mainline flights. Even on Asia flights, AA provides each passenger inner maximum video video reveal contraptions. Northwest maximum effective provides that on their Airbus 330s and international business employer type. notwithstanding, starting to be up in Michigan, the place Northwest is the "legitimate Airline," there is now no longer many judgements. If American flew to Ninoy Aquino, i'd fly them over NWA. I evaluate all human beings and J.D. power and associates with NWA by using fact the worst straight forward airline in buyer service in US/Canada. ingredient is, American is magnificent usual.

  • 9 years ago

    I LOVE American Eagle it is where I shop like all the time I don't see why people will hate it!

  • 9 years ago

    I love American eagle and so does the rest of my school...they just have cool clothes and that is why they r great

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ae is ok i used to love it then it got really annoying with every1 wearing the same thing :(

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