- Well what are your opinions on Tonight's Edition of Monday Night RAW + New Fueds?

- John Morrison v. The Miz

- Daniel Bryan v. William Regal

- Melina v. Natalya

- CM Punk v. John Cena

- There was funny segments tonight as well.


- Of course Sheamus v. Triple H is going to happen again. Hopefully it doesn't happen at WM. And Y2J may return, so Y2J v. Orton may happen as well

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    Good show tonight. Nice to see signs of Melina turning heel, I think she plays that role more comfortable like back in 2005 - to mid 2008. So hopefully her and Natalya can put up some great matches both are talented Divas that can wrestle. Daniel Bryan feuding with William Regal seems like a cool feud. Teacher vs student feuds are always interesting in my opinion. CM Punk attacking John Cena leads to suspicion, is Punk the mastermind of Nexus or is this cause of the diet soda? Anyway this seems like a cool feud, happy that Punks getting back in the ring.

    Last but not least Morrison gets his long awaited shot at the WWE title. I don't see Morrison as the one to dethrone Miz of the WWE Championship, because that Wrestlemania season is coming up and I see a top star take the title from the Miz, however I still have high hopes for this feud, seems interesting that the former tag partners are feuding to see who truly is the Shawn Michaels and who is the Mart Jannety.

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    Tonight's RAW was great, they need to follow up tommorow night.

    -I agree with all of those fueds except Bryan vs. Regal, I think Regal is retiring soon and he wanted that to be his last match because he trained Bryan.

  • Solid RAW finally no more GM actors or atleast i hope loving HEEL MELINA TURN yay

  • I thought it was a pretty good Raw, we need to have more raws like this one. We had a great mixture of actual matches and typical raw matches.

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  • It was great.WAY BETTER THEN TLC

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