Why Don't Indian Men Date Afr. Amer. Women?

I was just curious, I mean Indian as in from India. I have heard people say that they're nice but I rarely see them date interracially like everyone else does. (not everyone, but I mean I just see others date out except Indians)

Does it have to do with beliefs? Do they dislike Afr. Americans?

Honest, educational answers please, are they taught differently or to think a certain way?


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  • 10 years ago
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    typically indians dont date outside of their race, but thats changing, i've been out with an indian and a white girl, from the uk, london so depends on the environement too.

    I'm mostly attracted to indian girls, but have found many others sorts attractive too, it depends on the person overall not the race.

    Biggest reason why you see fewer with african american women is media and peers dont promote it or 'sell it', but i can assure you many indian men have found african women attractive.

    Also more african women need to think about being career forcused and ambitious and education. Most indians are taught to aim for that and success in that way, so they will seek partners similar to that. This is the reason why you see few indians with chavy white girls/guys, who dont think about education or careers much etc... but you do see indian guys and girls with more driven and career minded people of other races. No offence but its black guys that will go for a white girl just because she is white, many indians might like white girls but they dont choose them above their own and they dont go for just any white girl. Best relationships are between people who are on the same wavelength, i.e. family values, career ambition etc... Sadly you dont find that many black girls as such (they can ofc get that just like anyone else, but culture and the way you are raised has alot to do with what values you hold), gradually though more and more african women are moving into preofessional fields. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS BTW

    Source(s): desi guy from london
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  • 4 years ago

    Indians have caste, and black is low caste In addition, Indians are very status conscious and blacks have high rates of crime, unwed mothers and low rates of college and low incomes Indians have to score 100 SAT points more than whites to get into Ivy league colleges, whereas blacks have affirmative action Indian parents tell their kids, never marry a black because your kids will be darker like the lower castes Look up Sparkle Rai Indians have a s-h-it list on those not to marry and lowest is muslim, one step above is black, one step above is christian, one step above is beef eater Many Indians are vegetarians A black is likely a muslim or a christian and non-vegetarian, hence 3 strikes against a black

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  • 10 years ago

    They just are culturally taught not to date anyone outside of their race. I've only seen one indian guy date out of their race.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    because i've never been on a date before

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  • 10 years ago

    you sound desperate. most men don't date black women, even black men just move one.

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  • 5 years ago

    ==Here====>>> http://goo.gl/Ac1SsN


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