My West Point SLS Chances.?

Hello, I have recently sent in an application to West Point's Summer Leader's Seminar, but just out of curiosity i would like to know what you guys think my chances of acceptance are. My PSAT scores were not a good representative of my work, scoring a 56,59,49. While my GPA is around a 95, they do not ask for that, so instead my class rank is 3rd. I currently play in three sports, two of them varsity athletics and having two captain-ships my sophomore year.

What do you believe my chances of acceptance are, i am very eager to attend West Point, being as it is my first choice, and truly my favorite by far.

Thank you.

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    West Point SLS invites 1100. As recently as three years ago SLS only invited 800. Usafa invites 1125 and Usna invites 2250. Apply to all and hope to get in at least one. Best chance is at Usna. West Point and Usafa Summer Seminar due to their limited enrollment tend to invite those pre candidates who seem like they will earn an Loa(letter of assurance) and recruits for athletics and other academy goals, many of whom may spend a year at the Prep School. The cited Psat scores are not in Loa range, generally a Math score at least in the low 700 range and a Cr at least in the upper 600 range. I don't know if you are athletic recruit caliber in your sports or if you have completed a recruiting questionnaires for your sports.

    Know that the service academies recruit a lot of athletes. Up to 1/3 of the Naval Academy Freshman class are athletic recruits. It is somewhat lower at West Point and Usafa. The service academies do not have the same Ncaa restrictions since in essence every student is on full scholarship. There are something like 170 football players on the Navy Football team and 141 on West Point including 59 Freshmen. 28 who spent a year at Usmaps and 32 direct admits. Of the 50 Navy freshmen, 34 spent a year at Naps and 16 were direct admits. Or take Navy Lacrosse 2010, 16 of the 19 Freshmen spent a year at Naps. West Point Lacrosse 7 of 12 Freshmen spent a year at Usmaps.

    The evaluation is on a whole person basis and on the surface, 3rd in class sounds great. They do consider the course of study and whether the class rank is based on weighted Gpa or unweighted Gpa as well as the competitive level of the high school determined by the percentage of students continuing on to 4 year universities.

    [Note: two links directly above are for Usafa. The Whole person score/Loa selection process is nearly identical at Usafa, Usma and Usna.]

    Besides the Sat/Act/Psat scores, they are also looking for leadership in at least one non athletic activity. NHS is such leadership and about 2/3 of each class have been members. NHS membership is open at the start of each semester so if not a member do the community service required to apply to join.

    If you have taken Algebra 2, consider taking the January 22 Sat. The registration deadline is Dec 23. Could get an Sat Study guide and use winter break and the next month to prep for it. The Psat tests Alg 1 and Geometry. The Sat tests Alg 1 and 2 and Geometry. The Act tests Alg 1 and 2, Geometry and Trigonometry.

    The scores from the Jan 22 test will be available on Feb 10, which is plenty of time to submit to SLS since they don't make final decisions till he deadline of April 1. Even enough time to submit to Usafa Summer Seminar which only accepts applications till Feb 28.

    Good Luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    Sls Mathscore

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  • 10 years ago

    Well you have good extracurriculars and class rank but I think the PSAT scores might kill you. I'm also applying and have scores of 68, 62, and 58 and thought these were too low. But who knows, hopefully we'll both make it.

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