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Where can I get regular Potter updates from "the people" themselves?

I know Emma Watson's got a Twitter page, but as for J.K Rowling (yes she has one too but she rarely posts anything, her last one was years ago), Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, I've found nothing. I'd like to find one, especially for J.K Rowling, and no, not her website, it's hardly ever updated... :( :) And also... how do you guys think about more Harry Potter Books? And have you found clues that she's really going to or currently is making it? ... And I just finished all the books and am terribly bored, can any of you recommend something good, maybe in the same level of awesomeness as Harry Potter? Or, if it's actually even humanly possible, something better? Thanks, I'm gonna choose best ANSWER for this!! :):):)


sorry i forgot to mention xD on the recommendation part, you can cross out the books about inter-galactic anomalies, I don't like much Sci-fi... I like coming of age, fantasy-adventure. :) Like HP itself.

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    Old Man Potter ought not be updated!

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    The author leaves clues here and there but i think she is just talk. I doubt she'll write more books. Well on the same level as HP i would only go with the star wars books and The Chronicles of Narnia books, the Percy Jackson books are great too, and maybe if your desperate the LOR books are epic but very very long

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