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Fight Club Book and Movie Differences?

What are some MAIN differences between the book and movie of Fight Club?

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    Many of the lines taken from the novel for the film are given to different characters than they were originally said by. It is likely this was done because the narrator has more lines in the novel than the other characters, though other characters lines are also switched around (for instance, Tyler gives a speech that was originally given by a mechanic in the novel).

    Tyler's involvement in the storyline is often in the foreground of the film, while he is often unseen in the novel, his involvement being mentioned by the narrator in retrospect.

    Tyler Durden is a soap salesman instead of a beach artist as in the novel.

    The narrator meets Tyler on a plane instead of on a nude beach as in the novel.

    The narrator reads stories about "Jack" in the film, who was named "Joe" in the novel. This was changed to avoid conflicts with Reader's Digest over the use of the name (the articles read by the narrator were featured in the magazine).

    Marla's line after having sex with Tyler was "I want to have your abortion" in the novel. The film changed this line to "I haven't been ****** like that since grade school." However, the original line was filmed and can be seen in the DVD's deleted scenes section.

    The first batch of soap made by the narrator and Tyler is made from fat from a liposuction clinic, rather than from liposuctioned fat from Marla's mother as in the book.

    The scene where Tyler fights Lou (as well as Lou himself) did not appear in the novel.

    A flashback scene in the novel in which the narrator urinates on the Blarney Stone does not appear in the film.

    The narrator's fight with himself to blackmail his boss is at the car company in the film; in the novel, it was done to threaten his boss at the hotel where Tyler had gotten him a job as a waiter.

    The narrator is not entirely aware of what Tyler is doing with Project Mayhem and is more uncomfortable with the increasing destructiveness of their activities, rather than being partially in control of it as in the book.

    The confrontation with Raymond K Hessel is handled by the narrator alone in the novel; in the film, Tyler takes control while the narrator witnesses the event.

    A scene from the novel in which Tyler murders the narrator's boss does not appear in the film.

    In the film the ultimate objective of Project Mayhem is never revealed, but the narrator tells a police officer that he believes their goal is to blow up all the credit card companies and send the national debt record back to zero. In the novel Project Mayhem was to slow down humanity's technological advancement by artificially causing another Dark Age. This is referred to in the film, however, in the bedroom scene after the car crash.

    Project Mayhem's bombs are successful in exploding in the film, while they were duds in the novel.

    The narrator shoots himself to kill Tyler, rather than to make a decision on his own as in the novel.

    Tyler's gun had a home-made silencer in the novel. The gun makes a loud sound in the film, suggesting that it did not have a silencer.

    The film ends with the narrator and Marla watching buildings explode, while the novel ends with the narrator talking about a mental institution to which he has been confined.

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    Fight Club Book and Movie Differences?

    What are some MAIN differences between the book and movie of Fight Club?

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    Fight Club the book is a well written, deep piece about society and its regulation with the middle and upper class of America. Fight club the book is Brad pitt showing off his nipples for 2 hours.

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