What does a drug-free birth feel like after an episiotomy?

And how common is an episiotomy with a drug-free birth?

I feel like I can do the natural birth, but I am afraid I will need an episiotomy and I AM afraid of feeling that.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I had two drug-free births.

    I had an episiotomy with the first, and they let me tear with the second........well, I had to tear because she came so fast I delivered on the exam table and there were no "instruments" in sight! - the doctor didn't even have time to put a gown on! The tear was a FAR easier recovery but I felt the moment I tore - I felt it but it was NOTHING compared to the pressure of the contraction - and I felt the needle when he numbed me to stitch me up because it was after she was out and it was all over...he had to send the nurse out to get the tray and *OUCH* that hurt....and I only needed 1 stitch.....but anyway......

    If you need an episiotomy, you won't feel the cut. Your doctor will numb the perineal area during the height of a contraction, which means you are in so much pain at that moment that a needle prick is not noticeable at all.

    If you make it on time (unlike me!), you'll be fine. They will numb you during a contraction so you won't feel it. I believe the standard practice now is to let you tear, since studies have shown that tearing is better (it heals better), but of course every case is different and they will make that decision when it needs to be made.

    Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    You won't feel the episiotomy if needed - you will have SO much burning and they will numb you of course

    So long as you listen to your Dr. and push when told and DON'T push when they say not too the likelihood of needing to be cut is slim

  • 9 years ago

    chances are you wont need one unless something isnt going good. if you do need one, they'll more than likely freeze the area. i had my baby three weeks ago, and they did freeze me first. i felt a little pinch and the doctor told me he was freezing the area where he was going to do it. the only reason i had to be cut, is because my babys heart rate was dropping as low as 30 between contractions afteri started pushing... so they had to get her out. my delivery was pretty much drug free, i had a few breaths off the gas when i was 8 cm, and stopped because it didnt work and they tried to give me fentanyl(spelling?) but it lasted for all of 5 minutes.. all this was between 8 and 9 cm. afte ri had her and he was stitching me back up, i could feel pulling and that was it, except for one spot. i had one spot that just wouldnt freeze, he tried to freeze it.. but it wasnt working so i felt the stitches there... but at that point, they had finally given me my baby and it didnt phase me..

    seriously... dont even worry about it. if you have a good doctor, and the baby is doing good... there isnt any need for an episiotmy and he'll take the time to let you stretch out and get there on your own. and as for healing... its a bit of a pain in the ***, and sitting down and doing anything sucks for the first week or so, and then the pain in your muscles down there is more annoying than anything else. haha. but if you end up needing one because of the babys heart rate, trust me... you wont even care... it might freak you out a little bit.. but you wont care nearly as much as you thought.

    good luck!

    edit--- also, if you have a birth plan.. i would almost recommend you throw it away. i had one, and i'm glad i decided at the last minute not to bring it. i went in knowing what i did and didnt want done... i didnt want an epidural, i didnt want an episiotmy... i WANTED to get to hold my baby right away and i wanted to stay active as long as possible... the list was endless. in the end, the only things that went my way was not getting an epidural and getting to stay active as long as i was able(after my water broke, and they saw she pooped... they had me all hooked up to the moniters..) and the only reason things didnt go the way i wanted, is because my baby was in distress.

    i would strongly recommend just going in there knowing what you want and having it in your mind... but being open to the possibilities... anything can happen.

    it really bugs me when people do thumbs down to people who are telling someone their opinion that came from their experience... its like saying their feelings are wrong and their experience is all wrong. hahaha annoyingggg

  • 9 years ago

    The give you a shot of local anesthetic in ur perinium first

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  • jlb
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    9 years ago

    I didn't feel anything with mine. The doctor numbed my perineum before the baby was crowning so I didn't even feel "the ring of fire".

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