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looking to buy first rifle?

been looking at rifle well guns in general online because im interested in buying one for the first time. but i think i want to buy a rifle first because they cover alot of uses( personal defense, hunting etc.) I been looking at a savage arms 300 stevens rimfire rifle a 22 but i would like to find a bigger cliber rifle for not alot of money. i also checked out ruger mini14 but im not too sure. any suggestions for rifles,handguns or shotguns. thanks


im looking for something up to 500 dollars. i want one for hunting and if something ever happens like SHTF scenario. just in case like to be prepared to have something to defend me and anyone with me.

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    This depends on how much shooting experience you have. For a novice shooter, just starting out, a .22 rifle is a good buy. Cheap to buy and cheap to train with. Once you master safe handling and marksmanship, then you move on to a larger caliber based on what you want to do with the gun (hunt, personal protection, target, competition, etc.).

    Any decent, center fire rifle, will cost you about $300 and up, most seem to be in the $400 to $500 range. Pretty much the same with large caliber handguns.

    Shotguns, like the Remington 870 or the Mossberg 500 guns can generally be found at your local Wal Mart for $300 to $400.

    If you buy a used gun, you can save considerable money over buying a new gun.

    O.K., a $500 budget. . .

    Rifle: A Savage bolt action, in .270. The Savage is often found as a package deal in places like Wal Mart. The rifle comes with a scope. Not a real great scope but usually a 3 to 9 power variable that will get you started. The .270 is a big enough caliber to take down a deer sized animal without beating you up with recoil. Often the caliber is 30-06, but that is okay as well. Bigger round, a bit more recoil, but now you are up to black bear, elk, and even moose.

    Shotgun: A Remington 870 pump or a Mossberg 500 pump, in 12 guage. Good all around shotguns with lots and lots of after market goodies.

    Handgun: Either a Ruger Single Action Blackhawk in either .357 mag. or .44 mag. or a Ruger GP100 in .357 mag. If you want to hunt with a handgun go with the single action revolver. The GP100 is a nice home protection gun.

    Any one of these guns can be purchased for your $500 budget.

    No be afraid of the used gun racks, sometimes a nice bargain lurks on them.

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    What should be my first rifle?

    A quality .22, such as a Ruger 10/22. With such a rifle, you can learn all the marksmanship basics without breaking the bank (on either the gun or the ammo). They're also good for small game hunting. Get a set of adjustable sights and find an Appleseed clinic near you ( ; this is the best training dollar for dollar you will ever find (21 and under are free, as are active duty military and elected officials).When you become proficient at the .22 and want to move up:

    What should be my 2nd rifle?

    An accurate bolt action in a common caliber (a Savage 110 in .308 Winchester would fit the bill nicely). With such a gun you can hunt nearly any animal in the lower 48 states, and if you have access to a longer distance range, can start with the basics of long range shooting.

    With some shopping, you could get both for not much more than $500 total.

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    What type of animals will you be hunting? If just deer, a 7mm-08 would be your best bet.

    If deer and larger, a 30-06 will do best.

    Make sure you get a round that has common ammo at a good price, unlike Weatherby Magnums, that cost $60 a box of 20. I might also suggest a Marlin Model 336C in 30-30. Ammo for a box of 20 is around $15 bucks, and is a real nice shooter.

    But if are going to be going with a modern splizter round, I would get a bolt action rifle in either .270 Winchester or 30-06, or even .308 Winchester would be good.

    Some rifles to think about are the Winchester Model 70 Sporter, comes in both .270 and 30-06. Remington 700, has just about any caliber you want. Savage, marlin, ruger and weatherby all make good rifles as well.

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    The difference between the .300 win mag and the .308 winchester is not the caliber in fact they are the same but the length of the cartridge and the powder is different thus changing the velocity. The .300 win mag has more veloctity and thus the bullet trajectory is flatter and that is what changes the long range performance. The .308, .30/06 and .300 winmag are the same caliber and have the same ranges for hunting and both knockdown animals well. If you are doing alot of target shooting I would recommend the .30/06 it has more room for powder for you to hand load better loads and get downrange performance, although the .308 is full of powder it is still accurate and the military shoots it out to 1000 yards. In fact the .308 was designed to duplicate the 06 but with newer powders and to make the actions smaller, but falls short with the heavier bullets it can't match the 06. The general rule is in bullets 150 to 165 grains the .308 excels and is the same as the 06 but at heavier bullets the cartridge doesn't have enough room for slower burning powder to propel the bullet as fast as the 06. But, it is a compact package and does it well even in the higher grains. The .30/06 is more versatile and will shoot the heavier grain bullets better due the slower burning powder you can put in it. Also, the.30/06 has more ammuntion around for ti and shoots several different bullet weights from varmits rounds to the 200 something grain bullets that give African animals a run for their money. Also the .30/06 falls only a few hundred fps below the factory .300 win mag velocity with the good handloads. For hunting the .30/06 can't be beat it has versatility and ammo is plentiful. The .300 winchester magnum has higher pressure levels and can fire a .30 cal bullet fast. This results in flatter trajectory. It is easier to shoot longer ranges with this gun and it gives it "theoretically" more knockdown power. Although shot placement is more important. The .30/06 and .308 do all of North American hunting well, I have shot elk at 400 yards and 80 yards. Moose can be taken with a .270 and have been done so by Jack O'Connor. Who was also from Arizona. He even used the .30/06 in Africa. But, if you were truly target/competition orientated and wanted a gun that would eliminate variables which one is of drop and can handle the recoil for all the practice and pay for all the rounds, then the .300 win mag is for you. Carlos Hathcock used the .300 win mag for his victories in target shooting. Generally for the average person the .30/06 is the limit at which recoil and comfortable shooting are met and anything over will be uncomfortable. I can and have shot a .30/06 all day and was fine, I don't think I would want to try that with my .300 win mag. The rifle you are suggesting is one of the best, the winchester 70 is also good. I have a Remington 700 in .30/06. Carlos Hathcock a legendary marine sniper in Vietnam, he used a Winchester 70 in .30/06 and later on Remingtons. The 700 is what the Marine and Army sniper rifles are based on nowadays, they heavily modify them though. Carlos shot his competitions and won medals with the .300 win mag. For what you ask in the question the .308 will be a shorter round and give you a shorter and somewhat lighter gun, not by much but it helps. Especially in the field although I don't mind my .30/06 some people prefer a shorter action. It will also give you good accuracy and be the best gun for hunting in rifle and its in one of the three solid .30 calibers. You might want to accesorize your 700 in .308 to shoot better for competition. All in all your rifle is a great choice and either caliber will suit your needs as most all north american big game can and have been taken with the .30/06 and many African animals as well. If you handload definately all will be a good choice. But coming from a purely store bought ammo and target competiton, I would say the .308 as the police and military using this round have caused makers to offer very good cartridges and bullets that are marketed towards competition shooting. Black Hills is a company that comes to mind. The .300 mag has been used in competition and I am sure there are cartridges out for it, but not as much as the .308. If it were my choice it would be the .30/06 with my handloads and I can give a .300 win mag or a .308 a run for its money for its the shooter that matters most. I like the flexibility of the 06 without the recoil and price. The .300mag makes the job a little easier, but kicks more and is more expensive and ammo is more expensive. If you practice like you should and know your handloads/cartridges from the store, your rifle, and the drop of the bullets from your gun you will do fine with either three. If you haven't shot heavy kicking rifles, haven't shot rifles in general, or for the average person the .308. There are too many people who don't practice because of the recoil of their rifle, and many a develop a flinch in reaction to the recoil. They don't realize there are two calibers below it that offer the same range, the same knockdown power, and a poorer trajectory but it is not that bad. People before the .300 winchester magnum were getting along with the 06 and the even worse trajectory .30-40 krag. It mostly depends on practice and skill of the shooter. Go with the .308 or .30/06 and you will definitely be happy. Be confident you have a powerful caliber and an accurate one and you can beat the average joe with his hard kicking magnum. All it does is hit the paper a bit harder and if its an animal it doesn't care what the velocity is of the bullet that hit it. All it does is go a bit flatter to the target. There is no magic bullet and all will kill fine, all will shoot paper fine, and two won't break the bank and break your shoulder especially in target shooting. It is mostly preference and if you have a .300 win magnum and practice and have it for the benefits then that is fine too. Good luck! (I have one too for the benefits of 1000 yds shooting in competitions but have used the .308 exceptionally well) Hopefully that helps you sort things out a bit, its hard to give you a definite answer, now if you said .223 vs .50 that would have been a bit easier. But .308 vs .300 mag, its a shorter gun, less recoil vs flatter trajectory but harder kick. That is what it boils down to. Edited To Add: Sorry Bound posted while I was writing, I was hoping he would show up. He summed it up great! It is true the .300 win mag will shoot better with winds or be better for you to figure out the trajectory and is great for 1000yds. The .30/06 does have the airpocket issue and is technically not as accurate as the .308. And the .30/06 has been disappearing from the line, I still remember when there were a fair number of them on the line, one of them being me. I threw the .30/06 in there for a versatile hunting round and for informal target shooting plus minor competition. So if you are doing target shooting for competition reasons the .308 would be good with the .300 win mag the best especially 1000yds.

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    It depends upon what you want to hunt. Rabbits and squirrels, a .22 lr like a Ruger 10/22. Varmints, a Savage in .223 or .243 or .22-250. Deer, a lever action in .30-06 or a Savage in .243 or .308 or .30-06.

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    First rifle should be a Ruger 10/22. For SHTF, buy a lot of ten shot clips.

    If you buy a centerfire rifle as your first rifle, all that will happen is you will develop a nasty flinch.

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    first how much do you want to spend for first rifles i would suggest either a Marlin 336c in 30-30 or a Winchester model 94 in 30-30 expect to spend between 350 and 450 dollars for a new one but can get them cheaper in a used one

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    17 hmr it makes a good target rifle and can take down small game

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