Will you rate this list of names for me (shortened)?

Elizabeth Ann

Kelsey Nicole

Madison Lee

Olivia Anne

Emily Elizabeth

Kayla Nicole

Samantha Claire

Rachel Marie

Camille Victoria

Margaret Ann

Erin Vivian

Nicole Erin

Nicole May

Jack Harris

Mark Andrew

Grant Spencer

Dillon Charles

Clifford Davis

Josiah David

Jackson Luke

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  • 9 years ago
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    Elizabeth Ann - (10/10) Classic, Strong Beautiful name that could easily be grown into.

    Kelsey Nicole - (8.5/10) My Best Friend's name is Kelsey, and my sisters name is Nicole, I like both names but not to much together.

    Madison Lee - (7/10) I like Madison but dislike Lee, it is too masculine for my tastes and even on a boy I dislike it.

    Olivia Anne - (9/10) This is a beautiful name, have you ever thought of Alivia Anne?

    Emily Elizabeth - (7/10) Wasn't this the little girls name from Clifford the big red dog?

    Kayla Nicole - (8/10) This name combo is nice, but common.

    Samantha Claire - (6/10) Not a huge fan of Samantha

    Rachel Marie - (9/10) - I like the flow

    Camille Victoria - (10/10) This name is modern and adorable.

    Margaret Ann - (4/10) Not a big fan of Margaret

    Erin Vivian - (7/10) Both names are nice but don't really flow

    Nicole Erin - (7/10) Doesn't flow

    Nicole May - (9/10) Good Choice

    Jack Harris - (10/10) I adore the name Jack, its strong and perfect.

    Mark Andrew - (9/10) A bit Common

    Grant Spencer - (10/10) Grant is a great name, unique and masculine

    Dillon Charles - (5/10) You have to think of nicknames, Dill Pickles - 'Nuff said

    Clifford Davis - (1/10) Clifford the big read dog.

    Josiah David - (4/10) A bit too old fashion for my taste

    Jackson Luke - (10/10) I love Jackson, and Luke goes perfect with it


    Best: Elizabeth Ann and Camille Victoria

    Jackson Luke and Jack Harris and Grant Spencer

    Worst: Clifford Davis and Josiah David

    Nicole Erin and Margaret Ann

  • 9 years ago

    Elizabeth Ann - 7/10

    Kelsey Nicole - 5/10

    Madison Lee 7/10

    Olivia Anne 7/10

    Emily Elizabeth - 7/10

    Kayla Nicole - 6/10

    Samantha Claire - 6/10

    Rachel Marie - 8/10

    Camille Victoria - 9/10

    Margaret Ann - 6/10

    Erin Vivian - 8/10

    Nicole Erin - 7/10

    Nicole May - 5/10

    Jack Harris - 5/10

    Mark Andrew - 5/10

    Grant Spencer - 7/10

    Dillon Charles - 6/10

    Clifford Davis - 5/10

    Josiah David - 7/10

    Jackson Luke - 8/10

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Elizabeth Ann 6/10

    Kelsey Nicole 8/10

    Madison Lee 7/10

    Olivia Anne 6/10

    Emily Elizabeth 4/10

    Kayla Nicole 8/10

    Samantha Claire 9/10

    Rachel Marie 7/10

    Camille Victoria 5/10

    Margaret Ann 4/10

    Erin Vivian 3/10

    Nicole Erin 5/10

    Nicole May 5/10

    Jack Harris 8/10

    Mark Andrew 6/10

    Grant Spencer 4/10

    Dillon Charles 9/10

    Clifford Davis 5/10

    Josiah David 7/10

    Jackson Luke 5/10

  • 9 years ago

    I like

    Kelsey Nicole, Emily Elizabeth, Rachel Marie, and Erin Vivian

    Dillon Charles, Mark Andrew, Josiah David and Jackson Luke

    I would go with Kelsey Nicole and Dillon Charles

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Kelsey Nicole

    Mark Andrew

    names mean so much as an adult and Mark is known to be the strongest of all male names

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You left out Lee Harvey..

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