How can I take a jib jab video and put a song off iTunes over it?

I was wondering if it's possible to put your own music from your computer on the video then how to upload it to YouTube. Any info is appreciated

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  • Ariel
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    10 years ago
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    I'm not sure exactly what a jib jab video is but if you go into Windows Movie Maker you can make a video with music in there. I've found its easier if its not directly from iTunes, like its in another file on the computer, but it can be done.

    All you have to do is find the song you want from iTunes, have both open then drag it and drop it into the movie maker. As long as it will let you, it doesn't always, sometime it is stubborn.

    Then, to put it on YouTube, you need an account, then just press the upload and you're good. However, YouTube does have a tendency to block videos and not give you a good reason on why. I have yet to figure out how to fully not break their copyright rules, even by saying I don't own anything and cutting bits out of the song. So, I can't help there, but I hope everything else helped.

    Good luck!

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  • najrin
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    4 years ago

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