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Need clarification in Tennis?

I am developing tennis software, i am also new to Tennis

Any one please breief about these terms :


Service Games won

Break Points Saved

First Serve Percentage






Thanks in Advance

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    Ace: When a player hits a serve in that his opponent DOES NOT TOUCH.

    Service games won: The number of games that a player won on his serve

    Break Points Saved: The number of points that a player won, that if he wouldn't have won then his opponent would have won the game on the player's serve.

    First serve percentage: The percentage of serves that the player got in on his first try.

    First Service points won: The number of points the player won when his serve went in on the first try.

    Second Serve points won: The number of points the player won when his serve went in on the second try.

    Points won returning first service: The number of points a player has won from getting the ball back in the court when his opponent hit his serve on the first try.

    Break points converted: The number of points a player wins to get the service game of his opponent.

    Return Games won: THe number of games the player has won when returning his opponents serve.

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    Welcome to the world of tennis! I hope you enjoy learning, watching, and playing tennis. :)

    Aces- Aces are when you serve and the returner cannot hit it back. The serve must be in, and the returner cannot have any part of their racquet on the ball after it has bounced once. Once it has bounced twice or has hit the boards (probably only in pros) without your opponent hitting it with any part of the racquet, it is considered an ace.

    Service Games won- This is a very basic term. Service games won is how many games (15, 30, 40, and then Game) you have won when you served.

    Break Points Saved- Let me mention first what a break point is. A break point is when your opponent can win the game you served in, so a break point saved is when you win the point that if your opponent won would be a break of serve. Example: If you are down 15-40, your opponent can win the game, right? Well, if you serve another point and win it, the score would be 30-40. You just saved a break point.

    First Serve Percentage- The percentage of your first serves in out of how many in total serves you have served.

    First Service Points won- How many points you have won when you only needed to serve once. For instance, if your first serve is in and you win the point, that is called a first service point won.

    Second Serve Points Won- How many points you won on your second serve. When you miss your first serve and have to serve one more serve (that is second serve) and you win that point, that is called a second serve point won.

    Points Won Returning 1st Service- How many points you win when you return and your opponent's first serve is in.

    Break Points Converted- How many breaks of your opponents serve you have successfully converted or won. Say you're up 15-40 on your opponent's serve and win the next point to get GAME. You just converted a break point.

    FINALLY! Return games won- How many games you have won when not serving. When you are returning and not serving and win the game, that is called a return game won.

    Sorry for the long one, I just wanted to be informative. :)

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    these are mostly statistic figures.

    first to understand those terms you need to be familiar with tennis rules, explaining all here would take too long whereas you can google it easy.

    anyways i ll try explaining each term:

    aces : an ace is a serve that is won by the player without his opponent returning the ball.

    service games won: how many games in which the player served he has won

    break points saved : a break point is a point where the opponent can win the game on the other player's serve. so break points saved means how many times did the player who was serving prevent this from happening.

    first serve percentage : what percent of first serves were going through (no foul, no fault, no net)

    etc etc

    read the rules, get familiar with it, i am also sure that you can find the explanation for those terms on some tennis website.

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    ACES: The number of times the server hits the ball in the service box and the opponent can't get a touch on the ball.

    SERVICE GAMES WON: How many games the server won when serving.

    BREAK POINTS SAVED: How many times the server has been serving at one of these following scores - 0-40, 15-40, 30-40, Advantage Opponent, and has won the point.

    FIRST SERVE PERCENTAGE: The percentage of serves which made it into the service box at the first attempt. (Every time a player steps up to begin a point, he is given two attempts to successfully hit the ball inside the opponents service box. Obviously, if he gets it in first time, then there is no need for a second serve on that point. If he misses first time, he has one more chance - a 'second serve' - to get the ball in.)

    FIRST SERVE POINTS WON: The number of points a server has won on his first serve.

    SECOND SERVE POINTS WON: The number of points a server has won on his second serve.

    POINTS WON RETURNING FIRST SERVICE: The number of points a player has won when returning his opponents successful first serve.

    BREAK POINTS CONVERTED: The number of times a player has won a point when his opponent has been serving at 0-40, 15-40, 30-40, or Advantage You.

    RETURN GAMES WON: The number of games a player has won when his opponent was serving.

    Hope this is all helpful for you!

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    an ace is when you serve it and your opponent fails to touch the ball

    a service game won is when you are serving and you win the game

    a break point saved is when your opponent has a break point (a point in which to 'break' your serve and win the game) and you win that point, saving the break

    first serve percentage is your percentage of first serves that go in

    first service points won are your percentage of points won when your first serve goes in

    second service points won are your percentage of points when when your second serve goes in

    points won returning first service is the percentage of points won when you return your opponents first serve

    break points converted are how many break points you have won out of how many you have not won (eg: 3/5)

    return games won are the amount of games you have won when you are recieving.

    Hope this helps :)

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