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what is and scr is that a transistor? what is a trasistor and what does it do.?

what is and scr is that a transistor? what is a trasistor and what does it do.

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    While I've not heard of an scr rectified transistor, that is what you appear to be describing. A transistor is an electrical component that is usually only used for three purposes: 1) a switch, as in on or off; and the states on and off are usually determined by the amount of power through one leg of the device. 2) an amplifier of current: this is done by switching the flow of current through it faster than the cycling of the current itself alternates from positive to negative...say a 60-cycle current flows through the device--if it switches at a rate of 120 hertz, the current output effectively doubles when measured against the inputs (!)--this is called the hfe, or effective "gain" of the transistor, in this case the whole number "2". 3) a speed controller for motors, in this case bleeding off the excess power through a resistor atached to the "drain", or load end of the output, operating throughout a range prebuilt by design and governed by the amount of feedback current looping from the output to the input "gate" which adds or subtracts from the amount of power through the device.

    I believe this to have been about the silicon controlled rectifier, which uses the resistance of the silicone to inhibit the flow of electrons throughout the device itself, silicone being non-conductive. These transistors are most often used as power conditioning filters which help to keep current steady within a circuit, despite load increases and decreases on either end of the power supply drain.

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