does anyone know information on Bartholomew Gedney, John Richards, or Peter Sargent? Salem Witch Trial judges?

if anyone has ANY information on them please let me know! i have a huge paper and can't find anything of these guys!

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    Bartholomew Gedney was a physician, and probably born in Salem in 1640. He was one of the justices of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, organized in 1692 by Governor Phipps, for the trial of the witches. He was appointed in 1692 judge of probate for Essex County, under the authority assumed by Governor Phipps to delegate probate power vested in him. In the same year he was appointed one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas. He seems to have mingled military with judicial occupations, and commanded an expedition against the Indians in 1696. He died February 28, 1698/99.

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    John Richards, supporting the prosecutions, but cautioning him of the dangers of relying on spectral evidence and advising the court on how to proceed.


    Unfortunately, Peter Sargent is mentioned in the many web sites I researched, however, no information was provided. He was probably only a minor character in the debacle.


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