Writers should get more credit for their work, who agrees?

I think it really sucks that writers don't seem to get enough credit for the work they put into their novels.

Who agrees with the following?

- More writers should be published - compared to the small handful that actually do get published.

- Really amazing successful writers like JK should be knighted

- Writers should get a better % of payment for their novels

- Writers should be better known on tv as a lot of us would probably like to see them being interviewed on shows a lot more than they are.

- Writers should get to choose their book cover, ect if they want too.

- Publishers should work better with the writers rather then act superior to them.

- Writers should be more involved with the films their novels become and have more say (I for one would love to be able to choose the music that goes into a film from my novel if it ever were to happen)

- Writers should get more involved with eachother and meet one another, interviewing eachother just for our entertainment. (imagine JK interviewing Meyer)

- There should be more millionare writers rather than millionare footballers (I want to be a writer, my boyfriend wants to be a footballer - if each of us achieve these goals successfully he'll still be considered more rich and successful.

BQ: 1) Is your MC cliche? (which isn't a bad thing) If not, why?

2) which well known book character does your MC relate most too?

(Please no haters - I hate people that say stuff rudely and I can't reply, if you have a problem then just don't answer the questions!)

Thanks Guys :D

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  • 9 years ago
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    I certainly agree with most of that, except for the bit about publishers. All the editors and publishers I know are very kind people who love working with writers, and in many cases are writers themselves - the impression that they are somehow superior to writers comes from the fact that they reject writers' work. The fact is, an editor gets anywhere from 300 to 1000 submissions a month, depending on the publisher, and they have maybe four or five spots to fill. Theirs is not an easy job - they have to pick the most amazing stories from among all those submissions to publish. I work on that end of the business, and it's not an easy thing on either side.

    I completely agree that more authors should meet and get together, though - writers coming together is one of the most amazing experiences. That's one of my major causes as a writer. Conventions especially are just an amazing experience, and I can't wait for WFC next year.

    Writers definitely work harder than footballers - they have big muscles, but we have big brains :)

    BQ: I don't think my main character is cliche - he comes off a bit like Indiana Jones at first, but as the story goes on you come to realize that he has not a clue what he's doing.

    BQ2: He thinks he's like James Bond, but he's really more like Arthur Dent.

    Source(s): I work for one of the best editors out there, whose anthologies and magazines are just amazing collections of great writing.
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    People who say "no haters" or "no rude comments" make me want to be rude. All writers need a thick skin. If you don't have one, either grow one or stop writing.

    I agree with your first and last points (as long as one of the writers is me!)... the rest I'm not so sure about.

    Only men can be knighted in the United Kingdom - the equivalent for women is being created a Dame. Some amazing writers have been knighted - Sir Terry Pratchett springs to mind.

    Of course, a higher royalty rate would be nice... but the way the publishing industry is structured at the moment, the only way you're going to get it is to put up some of the money yourself. Currently, the publisher pays the whole cost of the book being printed and marketed.

    Many writers are shy and solitary types who would prefer their books to be the focus of attention, not themselves. If I wanted to be on TV a lot, I'd have become an actor or presenter. Be careful what you wish for... Princess Diana found out the hard way that being famous isn't something you can switch off when you decide you don't like it any more.

    The job of a book cover is to persuade a reader in a bookshop to pick it up, because a lot of research has shown that once a person has picked up a product in a shop, they're much more likely to buy it. Publishers know what kind of cover is most likely to achieve that. Don't insult them by assuming you know their job better than they do. Though I agree it would be nice if there was a penalty for a cover that blatantly misrepresented the book... say, a public flogging of all involved. If you're determined to have your own choice of picture on the cover, you can self-publish... and your book will sell about 40 copies, mainly to people who already know you.

    Publishers *do* work with authors, once they've decided that they're worth working with.

    If you don't like what Hollywood does to books, you're under no obligation to sell the movie rights. Read your contract with the publisher carefully to see what you're allowing them to do! If you want some control over how the movie turns out, you can negotiate with the movie moguls, but unless they're desperate to make your book into a movie, they'll call your bluff and walk away. The alternative is to put up (some of) the money to make the movie yourself. If you step outside the Hollywood studios and forgo big name actors and a big name director, you could make your movie for the eminently reasonable price of a few million dollars. Oh - that's more than you've ever earned from all the books you've sold? I guess you'll have to go back to Hollywood, then.

    If you want to be more involved with other writers, don't let me stop you. I'd also like world peace and a pony for Christmas, thankyouverymuch.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, more authors that have writing talent should be recognized! Instead of authors whose writing isn't... that good. Like Stephine Meyer. I'm only judging her off of Twilight. I know it was only her first novel but still it made me sick to read it. :/ I heard the Host is better written though. (Lol getting off topic)

    And yeah it would be really awesome to have more interviews with authors instead of just on Oprah or something.

    I agree to everything ^^

  • 4 years ago

    The directors get more credit becaz they are the one who create magic in a movie.If the direction is not good then the movie cant be good enough to watch

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    9 years ago

    Absolutely, but it's the same for all the arts. More musicians, actors, painters and so on need to be able to get their work seen.

  • 9 years ago

    I agree 100%!

  • I AGREE! X]

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