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Split screen effect for Windows Movie Maker?

I went to and the file would not extract, I have no idea why. So, I just want a split screen effect. And It would be awesome if I could get a triple screen. I also don't want to download from any shady websites for computer safety. Thanks!


Little update: I wasnt really clear with my question, I want to find a reputable website where I can get a free download for split screen (a.k.a. side by side and picture in picture) effect.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you mean a mirror effect?

    If you do, windows movie maker does not offer that effect.

    I would try and google, mirror (or kaleidoscope) video effects.

    Or simply try another video editor that may offer those effects.

    Hope This Helped :)

    UPDATE :

    I noticed that you added more detail to your question, thats still a mirror effect Lol :3

    Anyways here's something. I did not write this I found it on "Movie Maker Forums" The post was written by : ChadaProductions


    First of all, download this package (I'ts free and all credit goes to rehan)

    then put two of your films on the timeline.

    now put the "mirror horizontal" effect on the SECOND CLIP

    then place the second clip over the first clip with the transition vertical



    Sheesh I forgot you said rehan didnt work for you x(

    Lol Sorry

    Here is something else from : /

    Credit goes to user "Tina"


    VLC Player and Windows Movie Maker can do it. Here is an article on How-To Geek that explains how it's done for both.

    To save your changes in VLC Player do the following:

    Open the video, go to > Extras > Effects and Filters > video effects tab > basis tab > check transformation in the bottom right and select how you want the video flipped or mirrored. Then > Close the effects window. Go to > Media > Convert/Save, add the file and click on the > Convert/Save button at the bottom, select a > file destination, enter the file name plus file extension, and from > Profile pick the respective video codec. Finally click > Start and wait for the file to convert.

    I have to admit that this worked only once for me. The video was transformed successfully, but the sound was missing. All other times, VLC player crashed on me. So maybe I missed something. Instructions copied from this forum article.


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I need it too. It might be a plugin Search the Microsoft Website

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