How do I hook up 2 computers to use same printer and U.S. Cellular Network Card?

I have a US Cellular network card because I live in the country and DSL is not an option. I would like to be able to set up this card to access the internet and get a router of some sort to have a wireless connection for our laptop, desktop and Wii. I used to use my Netgear WPNT 834 Rangemax Router when we lived in town and had dsl, but I can't seem to get it to work with the internet card not being hooked up to the router itself (unless I'm doing something wrong).

I would also like to able to use the wireless system to allow our laptop accessibility to connect to the printer that's hooked up to the desktop. It's really a pain to disconnect the printer and connect it to the laptop to print each time.

I know I only have 5 GB with the card and it doesn't go very far, so if that's what you are going to reply I'm not interested. Using the card on one computer only puts us at 1.5 GB per month usage now, so I adding another computer will only double it, still putting us under the 5 GB.

What do I need to buy and what set up do I need to get my "home wireless network" to work like I want it? Can I get the Rangemax to do this saving myself money? The desktop is running Windows 7, the laptop is Windows XP.

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    I'm sorry to say - the above answer will not work

    The reason being that the wireless adapters that are in a laptop or desktop are client devices.

    Wireless network work on a master client model.

    A router is a master and connects to clients

    A laptop or desktop adapter is a client and only connects to a master.

    Two clients will not connect to each other

    A network card is not designed to act as a portal for multiple machines, so getting it to work will require a lot of tweaking and some luck. Now I am going to assume that you have the network card on the laptop. If so, then you must use the laptop as the source of your Internet connection. There is no way to connect your network card directly to a router.

    Here is what I would try

    First - prove the concept

    Get a Ethernet crossover cable

    Set up your laptop for a fixed IP address for the Ethernet port (example

    Set up your desktop for a fixed IP address on it's Ethernet port (example

    Enable file and print sharing on both computers

    Make sure both computers have the same work group name

    Plug in the crossover cable

    You should be able to see the other computer in "work group computers"

    Once you have your "ad hoc" network established create a network bridge in the laptop between the network card and the Ethernet port

    If that works (and I have never done it so I cannot guarantee it will) you should be able to access the Internet on the desktop.

    If this test is successful, go buy a wireless access point and connect it to the laptop. You then use the access point to feed internet to the other devices

    You already have file and print sharing enabled - at this point you just install the pronter on the laptop as a NETWORK printer, and you are off to the races

    Good Luck

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    you can try this, but I doubt it'll work because cell cards count as modems, even if they are broadband.

    You need to have your cell card in your windows 7 computer and connected to the internet and have a wireless network card installed on both computers in the on position.

    open up your Network and Sharing Center and click Wireless Networks. Click Add New and select an Ad Hoc network. Name it, set your security key, and click next. Then, click Share This Computers Internet Connection. now you should be able to connect your XP and Wii to the wireless network you created and use the internet. Doing this, your computer will act as a router, so you dont need to buy anything.

    like i said, it may not work because of the cell card.

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    Get a router, and a USB adapter so as that the different individual can use the internet connection. you're able to be able to desire to place the printer in a shared putting on the community so as that the different individual can use it.

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