GUYS ONLY did i really hrt him ?please help?

its really a long story but im gonna make it short

so i have a crush on a guy 4 almost a year and we re both in college

well i started to like him when i knew that he likes me but im just too shy to talk to him and i think hes a little shy himself although he tried so many times to talk to me and show me that he likes me

month ago he sat next to me in class(it wasnt by accident) so i felt so nervous and i was blushing and couldnt say a word and we both were so uncomfortable (eventhough i always dreamed of this moment but i dont know i just felt scared and i thought im gonna make a fool of myself if he talked to me)

and to make it worse i just sat somewhere else when the lecture was over

and now hes avoiding me

and i really feel so bad about it and i dont want him to think i hate him

so GUYS do u think i hurt him and if yes then how can i make it right?

please help me with that coz i like him so mush and don wanna lose him

appreciate any advice

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  • 9 years ago
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    OMG that must hurt......yeah u should talk to him....or let him sit first and u sit next to him and smile....that has to work

  • 9 years ago

    Do not talk to him, things may get worse as you are both shy, send a small note that you want to meet with him at a cafe and want to discuss some things with him, make sure you choose a quiet location that is a little private and the service is good. Do not tell him you are crazy about him, do not tell him you think you are in love with him, tell him that you would like to meet with him occasionally and that you want to see if you have a few things in common, he will know what this means and then let him make some moves, if he does not you can put a hand on his and whatever you do make sure you stroke his ego, laugh at his jokes and pay attention to the things that he is interested in, if you find something in common this will strengthen the relationship more than a kiss. Also when you meet make sure you do not look so different from how you look normally some guys are turned off by too much make up or the wrong clothes, remember this is just a casual no frills chat and not a date, the date comes later, this way you will feel more at ease.

    If you have some classes you take together it is best that you discuss these first and say that you would like some help can he help you rather than say i got you here to chat you up a little, take note of what he wears, if he comes looking really nice that means he may be trying to impress you and already thinks this is a date, this puts you in a slightly stronger position as you will be casually dressed and remember at this point he does not know one way or the other.


  • 9 years ago

    you made him feel real bad, just go and sit or talk to him, he might change his mind.

  • 9 years ago

    jus go to him say straight frwd

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  • 9 years ago

    you probabbly made him think your not interested. just talk to him and it should be fine

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