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Who are the most overrated and underrated football players of all time?

I'm going to be writing a book where I list and explain the 5 most overrated and underrated football players of all time at various positions. I have my own ideas of where I'm going but I'd like to know what people think. These are the positions I'm doing:


QB, Tail backs (RB and FB), Receivers (WR and TE), Interior Linemen, Exterior Linemen


Ends, Tackles, Safeties, Corners, Linebackers

Special Teams:

Punters, Kickers, Returners

You don't necessarily need to include five of each, but just list a few so I can get ideas/cite sources. Top answer will be awarded to the responder who includes players AND explanations. For example:

Receivers: Tony Gonzalez (TE/Underrated) On the list of all time receiving yards, Gonzalez ranks #15 at over 12,000 career receiving yards. He currently ranks above wide receivers such as: Michael Irvin, Charlie Joiner and Don Maynard who have all been inducted in the Hall of Fame.


I didn't mean "wide" receivers at the end, just receivers. I am well aware that Don Maynard was not a wide receiver. He himself should be under the "underrated" section.

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    You seriously think Tony Gonzalez is underrated? Ask any football fan who the greatest tight end of all time is and it won't be long before his name comes up. And it's probably not a great idea to compare his numbers to Maynard's, since Maynard retired before Gonzalez was born. You want an underrated tight end, try Keith Jackson, a 5-time All-Pro who was largely forgotten the second he retired.

    If it's possible for a Hall of Famer to be underrated, I would certainly include Otto Graham, who is inexplicably left out of most "Greatest QB off All Time" discussions. All he did was take the Browns to the league championship in each of his ten seasons.

    For DBs, I would include two safeties from the 80s, Joey Browner and Kenny Easley. Browner was a punishing tackler and a ballhawk, with 40 career interceptions, and a member of the All-Decade Team, along with Ronnie Lott. Easley was the most dominant defensive playmaker of his time...he was Ed Reed before Ed Reed. His career was shortened due to a kidney ailment, but his 1984 season was one of the great forgotten accomplishments of all time.

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    Underrated: Texans Overrated: Dallas/New Orleans Player Underated: Frank Gore Player Overrated: Tony Romo

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    Well, there are a TON. But two that I have to point out are Tony Boselli and Fred Taylor.

    Tony Boselli (Left tackle) was the first ever pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars (2nd overall in the 1995 draft). He started 90/91 games. He was the rock of the Jaguars offensive line. Because of the jags run game led them to a 14-2 record and an AFC championship game appearance in 1999 (gosh I HATE the titans). And to top it off he was a 5-time pro bowler and a 3-time first team all pro.

    The second underrated player would have to be Fred Taylor (running back). He was taken 9th overall in the 1998 draft by the jaguars. In his career in jacksonville he started 140/136 games. He has 2523 attempts for 1163 yards and 66 td's. Hes ranked 15th in the all-time rushing category (and for some reason hes only been voted into one pro bowl.)

    Those in my mind are underrated players. I definitely think you should use those two in your book. Good luck with your book!

    Source(s): Jag fan (if you couldn't tell)
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    Over Rated

    Emmitt Smith (yards per carry I mean COME ON)

    Joe Nammath

    Tom Brady (and I am a Patriots fan ... after the 2008 season Matt Cassel had better numbers than all but one of Brady's years (07) he is the product of a system)

    Jim McMahon

    Tony Romo


    Drew Bledsoe

    Jerome Bettis

    Cris Carter

    John Riggins

    Thurman Thomas

    Terry Bradshaw *only because I see the generation of 20's something have no idea how good he really was

    Ben Coates

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    Overrated - Joe Namath. 50 more INT's than TD's, an overall losing record as a starter & a 50% completion %. And he was a first ballot HOF.

    Underrated - Eric Dickerson. When people talk about the greatest RB's of all time I rarely see his name in the top 5 of any list and he was a 5X all pro, his 2105 yards in a season is STILL a record, a 3X NFC player of the year, named to the 1980's all decade team, fastest EVER to reach 10,000 yards (91 games). He is still the 7th leading rusher of all time and his 4.4 yard per carry avg for his career is surpassed only by Jim Brown (5.2) and Barry Sanders (5.0)

    Source(s): Raiders fan for 35 years.
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    Overrated - Joe Namath - Hands down the most overrated professional athlete of all time.

    Underrated - I like the Eric Dickerson answer. I won't repeat it though. I'll say Lawrence McCutcheon. Look him up...

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    I think the most underrated player is MLB Randy Gradishar.

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    man there is a buch, i got one for you. a young t.o. all though i hate him but he use to be nasty. im an eagles fan so most deff randel cunning ham. hes is just like mike vick right now but idk its tuff to say whos better. look up his videos YOU WILL BE AMAZED hes a qb by the way

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    aaron smith is so underrated its silly.

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