2 month old screaming constantly - dangerous?

My 2 month old has been having screaming sessions throughout the day where she will scream until she either coughs or her voice weakens. Is this dangerous? She's INCONSOLABLE. Tried nursing her, walking with her, putting her in her swing, etc. But sometimes she just keeps screaming! (P.S. No fever)

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    does she have colic maybe? gas? is she being burped really good during and after feedings? if shes been crying like that for a while...like a few days you may wanna take her to get checked out....could be colic...I drove my mom nuts from birth to 4 months...cried 24 hours a day almost.

  • Zena
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    10 years ago

    You didn't say if it was at night or during the day-

    If your baby is crying during the day (around dinner time (5-7 p.m.) ) it could be just a phase and should stop in about another week or so. If its at night (bedtime) then it could either be colic or an ear infection. Its possible to have either without a fever. You can try giving your baby a bath and see if that helps her stop crying. Otherwise a call to the doctor would be your next move.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    that's probable no longer colic, that often starts off at 3 weeks and lasts till 3-4 months. it must be teething, ear an infection or gasoline. Or she must be determining that crying gets her what she needs, interest. attempt holding her while she's no longer crying besides as while she is.

  • 10 years ago

    Have you tried giving her gas medicine? May be that. If it was that bad and it's not gas I would go to the Dr.

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