2 month old baby - 6 feedings enough?

I exclusively breastfeed my baby. She usually has around 6-7 feedings a day (mostly during the day) and eats for about 20-30 minutes. Is this enough?

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    1 decade ago
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    That sounds about right, and very familiar from when my daughter was 2 months old. Now that she's four months old, we've moved to four feedings a day, and she's still doing great. As long as your baby is thriving, peeing, pooping (though it's normal for a baby to go up to four days without a poop), gaining weight, and doesn't seem hungry, everything should be just fine.

    Good luck!

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    Well, are you trying to schedule her feedings or do you let her nurse on demand? If you are nursing on demand, not scheduling her and not waiting until she's crying out of hunger than it's possible that 6/7 feedings a day is enough for her. I have a thirteen month old who still nurses around 8-20 times a day as well as eats three meals and a snack, but all babies are different. Another good way to tell if she's getting enough is if she has at least like 6 wet diapers and 1 poop diaper each day (although breastfed babies can go two weeks without pooping and that's still considered normal, my son never pooped daily until he was like eight months old and on some solid foods). She should also have tears when she cries by now... no tears and few or no wet diapers means dehydration and that should never happen. Weight gain is another good indicator of whether she's eating enough... how much has she gained since birth?

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    How many wet diapers does she have in a 24 hour period? At 2 months you want 4-6.

    Is she pooping? Doesn't matter how often as long as it's soft and pasty.

    Is she putting on weight?

    If she's growing and enough stuff is coming out then enough is going in.

    If you're really bothered by it you can offer the breast more often though.

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    is she having enough wet diapers daily and is she gaining weight? if she is then yes.

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