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Who would you start in a 12 man PPR league? Semifinal game.

QB-Josh Freeman or Matt Cassel

RB-Jones Drew, Ced Benson, Tim Hightower or Tomlinson

WR-Ocho Cinco, Braylon Edwards, Pierre Garcon or Santana Moss

TE-Jacob Tamme



How would you arrange this team? I can go with 2 WR's with 3 RB's or 3 WR's and 2 RB's.

Thanks a lot!!!

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    Easy one....

    QB-Josh Freeman. Hes at home against Detroit. Matt Cassell will still be hurting. Think about Ben Roethlisberger 3 years ago. It took him like 6 games to be right.

    Top 5 of WRs and RBs....

    RB Jones Drew

    RB Tim Hightower...due another big game against Carolina

    WR Pierre Garcon

    WR Santana Moss (that a gamble but Rex throws it deep and Dallas has allowed the most pts to WR)

    FLEX Ced Benson

    Tomlinson splits too much and theyre playing thanks. Ocho Cinco is too erratic, Braylon is playing Pitt and Browns and Steelers dont allow many points to WRs. Browns Cinci will be close and I expect Benson to get plenty of carries

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  • Kyle
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    9 years ago

    QB- Freeman

    RB-MJD, Hightower

    WR- OC, Garcon

    Flex- Benson, i think he'll at least get a TD. I don't like any of your other options.

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