Would I be able to afford to live in New York City while going to Columbia University?

It is my newfound goal to get excepted into Columbia university and live in NYC. But now that I've thought about it, even if I got a job, would I be able to afford just living there? What with the apartment costs, transportation (gas, car, car insurance) and etc. is this even a smart dream? How much would I have to make to support myself?

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    As a Freshman you will be able to live on campus - and if you are a US citizen then you can apply for financial aid. Living on campus in NY is the only way to really afford life in NY City as a student.

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    Clearly the are thousands of students that go to Columbia (and NYU and Fordham and Hunter...) and find a way to live here in the city.

    As for a car, get rid of it before you move here -- THAT is a big expense (parking) and a lot of trouble (again, parking).

    Good Luck


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    If you truly plan on going to Columbia, I highly suggest you start by learning the difference between "excepted" and "accepted."

    You can afford living in NYC by living in a dorm and getting rid of your car.

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