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will any media even question Michael Moore on his movie "Sicko" being banned in Cuba?

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    10 years ago
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    Moore is a propagandist who appeals only to his brain dead followers.

    Guess Castro is not among them.

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    4 years ago

    one ingredient may well be that it rather is looked as though it would downplay Cubas very own device. and it would make cubans sentimental to U.S. its all evil, no remember if U.S. or Cuba. or France or the different coutnries im no longer a socialist, yet what he suggested approximately socialized well being care, seems so ideal. what rather have been given me become the historic actuality that when WW2 the English desperate by no ability agains to enable human beings go through, so as that they instituted well being care reform. if THEIR healthcare reform is so stable, why is it suggested that many come to the U.S. whats undesirable approximately Obama well being care is that it penalizes human beings into transforming into criminals in the event that they dont pay their taxes on the risk of penal complex time. no longer something must be extra evil, whoever Wrote that into the bill and each person who voted for this are the genuine criminals. so, no remember if the action picture is banned in Cuba or no longer, it did supply a incredible outlook on socialized well being care. yet another ingredient to think of roughly is that if ONE single man or woman is denied obama's well being care, its no longer customary well being care. and the genuine reason there are forty million those that dont have well being care is via the fact THEY CANT manage to pay for it. enhance minimum salary or end making regulations that dissalow the undesirable to create innovations or to construct their very own enterprise. as quickly because of the fact the government dictates what enterprise or companies have the right to exist, they deny OTHERs that should do it extra constructive or couldve made the enterprise much extra constructive. damned secret combos all of them

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    no. the mainstream media is complicit with Moore and other progressive liars

    thank God for Fox and AM radio, at least someone can speak the truth

  • Tom K
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    10 years ago

    Do we even care what the Cuban dictatorship bans?

    And when did free speech in this country become so offensive? Ah, that's right, when Fox News came along.

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  • 10 years ago

    Sorry to disappoint you. This is not true.

    Source(s): "Viva WikiLeaks! SiCKO Was Not Banned in Cuba" By Michael Moore :-)
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