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Can anyone name a few famous artists (like painters and sculptors) from Madagascar?

I need this for a report. Also, include a valid internet source. Thank You!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Madagascar art is as various and versatile as the country itself. Travel to Madagascar and discover the innovative art of Madagascar as each of the creations are unique. The gift galleries of Madagascar house the authentic art and crafts of Madagascar.

    The textile arts of Madagascar are one of the major Madagascar arts and play an important role in weaving expressive clothing. The hand-woven clothes of Madagascar are known as “lamba” and are generally used as a ceremonial gift and are a symbol of the island's rich cultural heritage.

    Various other forms of Madagascar art includes fantasy art, art wall, poster art, impressionist art, light house art, modern art and many more. Each of these Madagascar art depicts the Madagascar society and culture of past and present very precisely. Madagascar art is represented well in various ways and the subject matter varies considerably from the educational themes to the world cultures.

    Various artists of Madagascar are responsible for the creation of the intricate art of Madagascar. The children of Madagascar are no less than any artist and one will be amazed to watch the beautiful artwork of the children. The children of Madagascar participate in the global art competition and they have made their mark on the global arena of art.

    The tradition of art and craft is an age-old phenomenon in Madagascar. French texts of the 19th century show records of Madagascar art. But it took some time to take it to world arena. It was only in the 20th century that art and craft of Madagascar began to be exhibited in the Western world. It was only then that the indigenous art forms gained international recognition and popularity.

    Source(s): Maps in the World in google
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    the cruel area is that mixture of "fashionable" and "began their careers contained in the finest 2 many years." because maximum artists presently who did not get the leap commence of connections and publicity of a college arts application will be very sluggish starters for "fashionable" attractiveness, you're searching at an extremely shallow pool of oftentimes 35-40 three hundred and sixty 5 days olds who in basic terms presently grew to develop into fashionable. you may also choose no matter if going to school in another field and only coming to paintings later on counts adverse to them - like someone who picked up paintings at 50 or 60 or 70

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