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lizzy asked in PetsHorses · 9 years ago

Hey there if you are American do you know how ?

How lucky you all are, my mum told me that when i was three years old i said i wanted to go back to America, cause i was happy when i lived there, she told me i freaked her out anyway i just remember growing up always pretending my horse was a cowboys horse even when my Friends used to emulate what i call the stiff dressage riding, i know in my heart that America is part of me somehow but im English at this moment and i don't like it, i would love to ride in the beautiful countryside you have and be part of the horsey culture , thankfully i have found a western stud school over here and will be going in the coming summer and getting a quarter horse of my hubby as a gift, so my question is please would you put me out of a English winter misery and tell me about your riding ,explain where you ride , through desert, mountains,lakeside, seaside anything just be really descriptive so i can close my eyes and dream. ps thank you all in advance, have a lovely christmas and best wishes for new year.

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    Life always seems greener on the other side of the pond, huh?

    Read some books and look at some calendars if you want to imagine a picturesque riding scene. America isn't that great- Most of our "countryside" is either cropland or unusable (Deep scrub, swamps, cliffs, ect. depending on where you live) and you basically have to live in the middle of nowhere to get a horse-friendly society without being surrounded by total rednecks (Who will invariably have 5 children, 7 dogs, 8 mares and 2 rank stallions and no job) or paying $3.5 million for a house. In most areas the parks are few and only a few horse trails exist, and cities hate it when people try to ride on the beach or down the road. Of course, few motorists actually give horses much respect, so riding on the road is probably not a great idea unless your horse doesn't blink when a semi goes by at 60 mph. Of course, some people have their own trails or board somewhere that does, but very few people have access to hundreds of acres of beautiful land. Actually, as a general rule, land for equestrian use is decreasing in the USA at a truly startling rate, lost as they are converted to a more profitable use or as the owner goes bankrupt or can no longer financially maintain the property. "Land is disappearing at a rate of 6,000 acres per day. Once it is gone, we cannot get it back. Horsemen are losing trail access on public lands. Liability concerns are limiting our ability to ride on others' private land. " (Equine Land Conservation Resource)

    And, of course, the economy sucks and many of us are decidedly less than happy with ANYONE in the government. Personally, Canada is looking really nice to me.

    So no wonderful stories from me. I go on the road if I want to ride outside the arena- We have a hay field, but it's across a highway too busy to cross safely. Our township tried to get riding on the roads, gravel or paved, banned this year. There's a lake down the road about a mile, but it's forbidden to take horses into it.

    So here are some nice pictures. Just don't look at some of the fencing or tack.

  • Azeri
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    9 years ago

    We are lucky to live here, in many, many ways. At this point in time, depending on where you live, there are lots of open spaces, countryside in which to ride. You have to be living in the right place, though. Most Americans are totally out of touch with the whole horse culture thing. It's not as much a part of our accepted culture here as it is over in the UK. I've been over there to England and Ireland 4 times, and loved it. The countryside was beautiful. The horses were a blast to ride. I've always admired the natural way horses tend to be handled over there, and the riders just go out and have fun riding. It seems many people in the UK have a natural horse sense that's missing in many parts over here.

    I hope things over there make a u-turn politically before it's too late, as you'll end up losing all of your agriculture land altogether. It's a threat here in the USA, as well. If the EPA has it's way, all of our farms (dairy, cattle and horse farms) will be closed down, and if PETA had it's way, all of our horses, dogs, cats and birds would be set free to roam the streets and woods and fend for themselves. Anyway, right now it's a great country to live in. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and add a lot to our horse community while you're here. Personally, I'd like to move to Australia. . . guess the grass is always greener. . . .Lol.

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    I live in michigan, so not all americans ride in the desert or in mountains (: But I do barrel race an appaloosa pony named radar. Shes my dream come true, I can grab a piece of baling twine from my barn, throw it around her neck, and go gallop down the dirt roads. Im actually not allowed to even ride when nobodys home ( a rule that was made when I still had thoroughbreds) but when I do its an indescribable rush... Radar knows where to go, so I can close my eyes for a moment and feel the wind in my hair and listen to her hooves on the gravel. When I barrel race, its almost the same thing. Watch some barrel racing videos, and youll see some true western riding. Not the western please "cowboy" horses you see in movies, but real riders with real bravery and horses with the biggest hearts and trust in thhier riders in america...Me and Ray go trail riding, and she just loves the sounds and smells of nature, just like I do. The english riders around here are seen as snobs mostly, with thier fancy tack and helmets and horses, they dont have a passion for horses, they have a passion for fashion.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I reckon I am amazingly lucky tbh..

    Rolling countryside, green hills as far as the eye can see.. lakes that glisten in the dying light of the summer sun... galloping so fast your eyes stream and you can hardly breath... developing that incredible bond with a horse where you feel that as long as your hands are still burried in his mane, nothing can ever go wrong. The ultimate trust between horse and rider. Adrenaline, Pride, Serenity, Ecstasy.... The freedom that comes from having the world to explore, and from feeling the wind rush through your hair...

    In my eyes the grass is certainly greenest right here in England. I'd love to go to America someday but for now why not open your eyes a little wider, the dream is wherever you choose to find it.. Merry Christmas!

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  • 9 years ago

    Well.. I live in the middle of NOWHERE lol You know, where all the rednecks and "country boys" (eh.. don't picture the cute guys in cowboy hats in your head... they arn't cute at all... XD haha) are lol When i ride its just trails around the mountains and stuff... not very exciting.. lol Merry Christmas!!

    PS Your lucky! We don't have schools for riding where I'm from. If you have a horse here, your expected to know how to ride, or teach yourself lol :P And I have a Quarter Horse. Simply amazing. :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My riding: When I ride, I ride on grass or snow. The ground is always either too hard or too wet. I don't live by the ocean, in the mountains, or anywhere near a desert. I've never ridden in the woods or by water. I've only ridden in my pasture, my yard, and in one open field.

    I've seen pictures of England, it's a beautiful country.

    I'd hate to ride through a desert.

  • 9 years ago

    You still have a shelter over your head living with your family and have a horse or can at least ride one. You shouldn't be unhappy; be glad you have what you have right now and stop being a moper. You're feeling bad for yourself, and it's quite obvious. I live in Canada, and we have 2 feet of solid snow and ice everywhere for about 2-3 months so don't even try. There's always restrictions when you live wherever, I'm sure the States wants something of yours too.

    Anyways, well for me I can't really ride right now. Soo..there ya go. Plain and simple, I know you won't like my answer but good luck in the New Year to come, and try to pick up your attitude and hopes a bit more.


  • 9 years ago

    Well we live out on flat farm land with woods behind us. I ride in our pasture and then go out and ride on our trails. Our trails are pretty but they're all on flat land. I guess compared to mountains, deserts, rivers, etc. it isn't too exciting! It's nice to ride here in the summer, but in the winter (right now) I can't ride because the ground is covered in ice and snow. So, every place over here isn't fabulous like you see in movies.

  • 9 years ago

    Erm..I do believe you've seen too many movies, dearie.

    Nobody I know rides through the forests, mountains, rivers, and deserts. They MIGHT once a year if the take their horse to some ridiculous trail heaven, but it's not normal. I ride in arenas almost exclusively other than the occasional trail ride through big, awkward hills and dead trees. (Thank you, drought.)

  • 9 years ago

    I live in New York, out on Long Island..

    I think YOU'RE the lucky one! I would love to live in England..

    Anyway..I usually ride in an sucks. I have ridden on some beautiful Upstate/ Long Island trais though :)

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