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Libs. What do you think about wikileaks showing documents that WMD were found in IRAQ?

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    Liberals wont believe it and they will call it right wing propaganda now

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    I bet half of you people here who said there were no "WMDs" are civilians who never been to Iraq. LOL you guys are so brain-dead. We did find WMDs. We just not found a massive stockpiles of them. Do you realized that both fox and CNN is owned by the government? yes? Do you know why Bush admitted they had no WMDs to the public? Here: The admittance that there was no WMD was a politically forced hand. In other words, many countries(including Russia and China) systematically denied that Saddam was ignoring UN sanctions and as 2 veto powers of the U.N. and with China becoming a major political as well as potential military super-power, U.S. and allies have to play against things. They even said the war was illegal which is not by UN standards.

    Like I said again, in a political manner. How many people would believe it, when they were already convinced it was all a lie? The information that Bush's cabinet used to determine if Saddam had a continued wmd program was flawed. The inspectors kept denying chemical weapons in Iraq and Russian intelligence and politicians started purporting the idea that the war was for oil.

    Meanwhile it was China and Russia, the two countries that were the most vehemently against a U.S. invasion that had deals with Saddam to establish oil pipelines in Iraq to export to their countries. With the amount of pressure that built up nationally and internationally, I'm convinced Bush had to apologize and admit to the public that no "WMDs" are found order to keep from facing any kind of action here in the states or abroad. Even If Bush admits some of the WMDs were found. the media would still be calling him a liar. When bush said there are no "WMDs" then fox does what the republicans tell them and admit there were no "WMDs". The same goes for CNN. Both sides are corrupt, left or right. The media in general is corrupt and too powerful that it swayed people away from the truth by distorting it to further their agendas. it's all about the $$$. Don't say there is none because i bet all of u have not been to Iraq. Talk to Coalition soldiers that actually been to Iraq instead of people making up ideas back home. Wake up my friends. WMDs are found and intelligent people know it, it just not reported in the lame street media so that ignorant people could bash the US all over.

    For yellow cakes, it is uranium that can be processed to create uranium rods for nuclear reactors or made into highly-enriched uranium which can be used to create nuclear bombs. Chemical munitions are basically used to kill a large amount of people, with a small amount of weaponry. Mustard gas, for instance, maybe left in a smallish can and put to the side. When it's opened, the vapors will be breathed in by many people, who may not suffer any immediate effects, but within a couple days can either become blind, suffer severe nerve damage and most likely will die. Both yellow cakes and Chemical munitions are considered WMDs whether old or new. Saddam was supposed to get rid of them according to the 1991 ceasefire agreement which he didn't.

    We found most of them. 294 yellow cakes, 500 chemical munitions, and 294 biological weapons. You guys know nothing what you saw on the "news". Be smart guys.

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    An initial glance at the WikiLeaks war logs doesn’t reveal evidence of some massive WMD program by the Saddam Hussein regime — the Bush administration’s most (in)famous rationale for invading Iraq. But chemical weapons, especially, did not vanish from the Iraqi battlefield. Remnants of Saddam’s toxic arsenal, largely destroyed after the Gulf War, remained.

    Key word Here REMNANTS!!!

    NOT a HUGE arsenal as Bush Claimed!!

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    They will call you "repuke" and/or make excuses by saying something to the effect of "so and so did this...", in other words AVOID answering. Let's get real people, you have screamed for years that it is all a lie based on THIS FACT ALONE. The irate and irrational reactions based on this and this alone says you are...well...irate and irrational, period.

    *scott--Bush had no control over the U.N. inspectors--what planet do you live on anyway??? WOW.

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    All that was left was minimal chemical weapons left over from Saddam's attempt at genocide. There were no weapons like Bush and Cheney lied to us about. Even Bush admitted that, try and keep up.

    Question fail.

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    Wow. Wikileaks just "leaked" the false intelligence information that Congress was given.

    Old news is old.

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    WMDs were found in North Korea, which is probably far more dangerous than Iraq. We'd better get busy bombing them out of existence.

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    This was reported in a military report I read a few months ago but I never heard it on the news. It was on a .gov site so it was legitimate. I thought that was strange the media ignored it. They also found rockets loaded with mustard gas.

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    So if Bush had let the UN inspectors find them, we'd have a lot smaller body count.

    The UN security concul offered to send UN Inspectors in.

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    you mean the WMDs that everyone knew were there, because the americans sold them to saddam in the first place?

    very sad how you right wing war crazed nazis cling to pathetic lies

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    I might look for the specific cables later. But if it's true, this could be a vindication for President Bush.

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