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I jokingly got my hubby to put on some of my lacy underwear & try on some of my dresses. My 4th grade daughter?

heard me laughing and came into the room before my husband could hide. She knocked but came in alittle too quickly. She almost fell over laughing at the sight of seeing him in my bra & lacy slip and i got her out of the room as soon as possible.

What if anyhting should I say or do ? My hubby is worried she might think this is funny enough to tell her friends


To be clear, I thought my daughter was a sleep and yes there was wine involved. Also my hubby does not normally prance about in my pink panties, bra, and slip it just kind of happened, and was quite hilarious till we were in erupted.

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    Tell her that you were just playing, but that if she tells anyone and they repeat it, people might not understand and it could hurt her Dad if they think the wrong thing. She's certainly old enough to understand.

    Sounds like you and your husband have fun. Don't stop because of this. It's good for your daughter to know adults play too.

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    Don't worry too much. She should already know that some personal family business is not for conversation with any one other than family. I'd tell her We were just playing a silly game, and adults like to be silly sometimes too, but it is private.

    @ Suzanne.

    Telling a child it is not proper to speak of private things, this includes money matters, arguments, and more is certainly not telling a child to lie. Should a child go daily and shout their family business to everyone?

    There has been much harm done by child psychologists in the name of profit. Are you with the people who advocate medicating their "unruly" kids?

    A little more attention from parents and less permissiveness from the start produces a well adjusted dhild.

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    Personally, I never got sleepy or falling-down drunk on wine until I was in the fifth grade. But I do understand parents are more permissive nowadays. I'm not judging you. Maybe it's a cultural thing. Chacun a son gout, as they say. And in vino veritas. Also, I never saw my father erupt, whether he was in pink panties or in any other state of dishabille. The climax of the sex act was just something that my parents felt I was not ready to witness yet. I guess our family was simply not as progressive as yours is. But I wouldn't worry about the litte minx spilling the beans about your fun and games. I'm sure she understands that if she blabs one word about your sexcapades, the Child Protective bureaucrats will snatch her out of that environment and place her in some dour, reactionary household where she will be beaten every time she "falls over laughing" and she will not get one more drop of booze until she's eighteen.

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    Sometimes when young children see something or hear something that someone else does, and they know it is not right, they will most certainly tell someone, and you really should have waited until she was asleep to get kinky because that image of her father will stay with her for life.

    Just tell her that he was practicing for next halloween because that will be the only thing that will get you off the hook, then she will not have a low opinion of her father.

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    Do not further complicate your daughter's life by telling her to lie. That would only add to her confusion. You and your hubby are adults and free to make your own silly choices, but you have an obligation to take the consequences and not expect a little girl to protect you and keep your secrets.

    A child psychiatrist can explain to you the problems children are exposed to when they are made to keep secrets. It opens them to a lifetime of abuse. Don't set her up for that sort of thing. She should know that she is free to tell and that she is not to blame when adults behave badly.

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    She probably finds it really funny and is likely to tell her friends. I know I would at that age. I would explain to her that you were just messing around and say that you would like her to forget it. Try not to be serious and make a big deal of it but also don't make a huge joke of it.

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    HAHAHAHAHAH! you should have waited till she was in bed and have lock on your door but she might get a bit worried about her dad wearing a bra i certainly would

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    it is kinda funny

    but tell her not to tell anyone

    NO ONE...tell her it was wrong of her to come in without asking

    and that she needs to knock and ait for a answer......

    but really why would they care...its like go around tell

    that ur dad was wearing a bra 0_0

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    What she sees and hears in the family home should stay in it. A ruling that was handed down by mum parents and handed down to my children

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    We seem to have seen this,or several variations of the question before

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