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Is cancer a vitamin deficiency disease?

is this a conspiracy? if you dont know what im talking about see this film called "a world without cancer" on youtube.. im very skeptical about this, but i would like to see what you guys think.


if you guys would elaborate more on your answers would be much appreciated

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    There is NO conspiracy, only profit seeking and abuse of knowledge. The current cancer treatments are terrible and after 100 years of research the best they can come up with is chemotherapy that is so ineffective, a sugar pill works better and in many cases the chemo causes cancer to spread.

    In 1989, a German biostatistician, Ulrich Abel PhD, after publishing dozens of papers on cancer chemotherapy, wrote a monograph "Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer." It was later published in a shorter form in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Dr. Abel presented a comprehensive analysis of clinical trials and publications representing over 3,000 articles examining the value of cytotoxic chemotherapy on advanced epithelial cancer. Epithelial cancer is the type of cancer we are most familiar with. It arises from epithelium found in the lining of body organs such as breast, prostate, lung, stomach, or bowel.

    From these sites cancer usually infiltrates into adjacent tissue and spreads to bone, liver, lung, or the brain. With his exhaustive review Dr. Abel concludes that there is no direct evidence that chemotherapy prolongs survival in patients with advanced carcinoma. He said that in small-cell lung cancer and perhaps ovarian cancer the therapeutic benefit is only slight. Dr. Abel goes on to say, "Many oncologists take it for granted that response to therapy prolongs survival, an opinion which is based on a fallacy and which is not supported by clinical studies."

    Over a decade after Dr. Abel’s exhaustive review of chemotherapy, there seems no decrease in its use for advanced carcinoma. For example, when conventional chemotherapy and radiation has not worked to prevent metastases in breast cancer, high-dose chemotherapy (HDC) along with stem-cell transplant (SCT) is the treatment of choice. However, in March 2000, results from the largest multi-center randomized controlled trial conducted thus far showed that, compared to a prolonged course of monthly conventional-dose chemotherapy, HDC and SCT were of no benefit. There was even a slightly lower survival rate for the HDC/SCT group. And the authors noted that serious adverse effects occurred more often in the HDC group than the standard-dose group. There was one treatment-related death (within 100 days of therapy) in the HDC group, but none in the conventional chemotherapy group. The women in this trial were highly selected as having the best chance to respond.

    There is also no all-encompassing follow-up study like Dr. Abel’s that tells us if there is any improvement in cancer-survival statistics since 1989. In fact, we need to research whether chemotherapy itself is responsible for secondary cancers instead of progression of the original disease. We need to continue questioning why well-researched alternative cancer treatments aren’t used.

    Each cancer patient is worth between $500,000 and $1million dollars to the industry. That is quite the incentive to keep status quo.

    Infection is what causes about 99% of all cancers. The B-17 laetrile has been beat up and pounded down very effectively. The primary thing to consider is that if you put a cancer into a healthy person with a good immune system, they will not get that cancer. The reason? The person's immune system gets rid of it. This shows that good immunity and getting rid of infections while focusing on good health through good nutrition and detoxing is primary to preventing cancer. Yet, what does the medical industry do? They POISON the body and destroy the immune system to "CURE" cancer with highly poisonous chemicals? And at an enormous cost. It may be that we need to re-visit the definition of a quack. Just because a lot of high tech machinery, exotic chemicals and clean white suits are promoting this as credible doesn't mean it is. The facts are what they are.

    Taking vitamins can also be a problem because many of the vitamins on the market are junk and can actually damage the DNA. It's not the vitamins, but the way they are produced and the source used to make them. We all need vitamins and our food supply is about as close to garbage as one can get. So few nutrients in our foods and lots of poisons that promote infections in the body. I know of only 1 or 2 manufacturers of vitamins that are truly good and work to nourish the body as advertised. It's not easy to be healthy in America.

    EDIT: "Chemo-Angel" 1,000 units of good vitamin D3 is very inadequate and the recommended amount according to recent research is about 10,000 units if you have cancer.

    EDIT: "Nevada Smith" The China Study is a very biased film that leaves out lots of facts and promotes the agenda that we should not eat meat and dairy. It is a VEGAN agenda that is promoting NON TRUTHS by using some truths to generalize their agenda.

    Source(s): Certified Nutritional Therapist B.A. biology & chemistry QRA Practitioner, Author Advanced nutritional research
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    Yes and no.

    To say that it is a vitamin deficiency gives the impression that taking vitamins can prevent or cure cancer. That simply is not true. However eating a healthy diet that contains natural vitamins [some synthetic vitamins have actually been shown to cause cancer], minerals and numerous other vital nutrients can both prevent cancer and help one to regain a healthy immune system that can defeat cancer. Avoiding refined foods is also important.

    In fact the number one cause of cancer is diet: A diet that is too high in animal protein. Want proof? Then read the book, The China Study, and watch the DVD, Healing Cancer, for starters.

    The DVD briefly explains why "cells multiply rapidly and become malignant" and how that process is connected to too much animal protein and not enough vegetables in the diet.

    btw the cyanide in apricot seeds and apple seeds will not kill you and they may have some anti cancer properties but the reason the Hunzakuts don't get cancer is probably more likely because they don't eat the amount of animal protein in their diet that Americans do. I often put the entire apple in the blender including the seeds when I make a fruit smoothie and if I can find apricot seeds I will eat them too.

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    No. Cancer is a disease caused by gene mutations, these can be triggered by genetic or envriomental factors eg.smoking. If these lunatic film makers bothered to say, do a blood test, they would find most people were getting the correct amount of vitamins.

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    I agree with Ginny. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, my Folic Acid and Vitamin D levels were well below normal. Only NOW am I taking 1000mcg of Vitamin D. and a Multi Vitamin as well.

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    Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last couple years, I'm sure you've heard of the Paleo Diet. Read here

    I hate to even call it a diet, because it's really just the real way that humans have eaten for almost 1.9 Million years, as opposed to the modern-day processed food diet full of grains, sugars, and processed vegetable oils.

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    Poor nutrition is probably the origin of many thyroid problems (including low thyroid), and rich nutrition is vital to reversing them, or at least to prevent further decline. Learn here

    Healthy thyroid function depends on a range of nutrients, especially selenium, folic acid, and iodine. Since most people cannot optimize levels of these nutrients through diet alone, a medical–grade supplement is vital. Of course, supplements should be used to complement, not substitute, for a balanced diet.

    Stress in all it’s forms is another key culprit of thyroid dysfunction. Most of us experience a high degree of the most damaging kind — unremitting stress. It is important for hypothyroid treatment to identify the stressors you face and learn techniques and activities that can help you reduce your stress.

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    Cancer is caused by the proliferation of cells whose DNA is mutated. Although this damage can be contributed to by a poor diet, what you are most likely referring to is the "Vitamin B17" scam.

    The actual name of the product is Amygdalin, and it is not a vitamin. There is no evidence to suggest that such a product is beneficial for eradicating cancer.

    The metabolism of Amygdalin produces hydrogen cyanide, and is thus toxic and potentially lethal in humans. Some claim that this hydrogen cyanide is neutralized by mitochondrial enzymes, but this is untrue. The substance will do more harm than good.

    Medicine's conventional treatments - surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, etc - are currently the most effective means of removing cancer from the body - even if they aren't 100% successful.

    Don't believe everything you read, particularly in the relation to alternative cancer treatments; many companies may profess that 'this product cures cancer', but it is simply not true.

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    There is no clear cause why one person gets cancer and another does not. Cancer develops over time when certain normal genes start mutating. Such cells multiply rapidly and become malignant. These gene mutations occur due to a complex mix of factors related to lifestyle, heredity and environment.

    Vitamin deficiency has not been proved or disproved as a cause but DIET does have causative reason---

    High-fat, high cholesterol diets are proven risk factors for several types of cancer such as those of the colon, uterus and prostate. Obesity may be linked to breast cancer among older women as well as to cancers of the prostate, pancreas, uterus, colon and ovary. Many cancers that are related to dietary factors could be prevented. Healthy food choices and a well balanced diet including fiber, vitamins, minerals and low fat items may help to reduce cancer risk. Scientific evidence suggests that up to one-third of the 552,200 cancer deaths expected to occur in the US in the year 2000 were related to nutrition and other lifestyle factors. Certain cancers are related to viral infections-for example, hepatitis B virus (HBV), human papillomavirus (HPV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), human T-cell leukemia/lymphoma virus-I (HTLV-I), and others-that can be prevented through behavioral changes.

    Source(s): WW
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    You are right to be sceptical; and there is no conspiracy.

    'A world without cancer' would have you believe that cancer can be prevented and cured wth 'vitamin B17'.

    In fact there is no such vitamin; it was invented by the producers of Laetrile, a commercial preparation of apricot kernels, to give credibility and respectability to their product when they decided to market it as a cancer treatment.

    Laetrile/B17 is one of the few 'alternative cancer treatments' that has been properly tested, and it has been found to be completely ineffective against cancer.

    Not only that, but it is dangerous as it contains cyanide.

    You can read the facts about this bogus vitamin, and cancer cure scam, here:

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    Yes - without the correct balance of vitamins you will experience what is known as rapid ageing. Everyone comes into contact with free radicals and everyone's body has a coping mechanism for dealing with them. However too much and you can develop illnesses like leukemia. That is why you should take antioxidants.

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