Is Foo Chow (Fu Zhou, Hok Chiew) dialect / language still widely used in China?

Has anyone been to and familiar with that part of China where this dialect is used? What's the status like for this dialect today?


Thanks to potatoetomatoe and Tt for your comments. However, I don't think Foo Chow is any lesser than Mandarin.I can notice it has it's own uniqueness.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes,of course.A lot of Fujian people and Cantonese say Foo Chow dialect.Mandarin is only official,Foo Chow is still their mother tone.So,still it is used there just like other dialects in China.

  • xuexue
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    fu zhou dialect originates from fujian/hokkien province of china. the dialect is still very much alive, based on the no. of its people speaking it in singapore. only the well educated or elites wl speak only mandarin.

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