Fursuits and yiffing. Fact or fiction?

Two of my closest friends are furries so I'm not completely ignorant to the fandom (Theyve even taken me to a convention and it was actually pretty enjoyable we had a few laughs and made a few memories) but both of them have NEVER yiffed and have only put on a fursuit a few times so Could I ask where the idea that furries yiff and wear fursuits all day came from? Also if Any furries out there do wear fursuits and yiff may I ask why you do it? This is not meant to be mean or derogetory in anyway I'm just kind curious on your reasons why you yiff or wearsuits.

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    The idea of of having sex in a fursuit comes from the attraction to simply being something different. Its a common example of whats known as the transformation fetish, or having sexual attraction to being someone or something different.

    Its really all kinda simple stuff. The transformation fetish alone really isn't so extreme in my opinion. Technically, wearing any sort of costume (cop or fireman uniform, nurse outfit, etc.) is just another type of the transformation fetish.

    But just to specify, for someone to be a furry does NOT mean that they have sex in fursuit or are even attracted to the idea. That would be sort of like saying someone has a foot fetish because they wear shoes. haha

    The percentage of furries that find fursuit sex interesting is actually really small when compared to the number of furs that exist in general. So in short, it does exist, but nowhere near as much as pop-culture stereotypes of furs makes it.

    I hope this helps answer your question a little more! :) Send me a message if you have any more questions!

    Source(s): i've been a furry for a few years, own a couple fursuits (just for fun, never for sex), go to conventions, and like to party!!! w00t!
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    Well, a minority of us do that, I'm sure you know. As is the way many stereotypes are formed, the media presented this as the point rather than the minority it is.

    I can't tell you *exactly* why some of us wear fursuits because I don't, but common reasons I've heard are the ability to act in a less inhibited way, liking the attention, just finding it fun, I'm sure there's a lot of reasons, but again, I don't do this so I can't tell you them.

    And the yiff thing... it's a fetish. Fetishes are kind of irrational and I'm sure psychological reasons are different for everyone, so there's no explanation I can give you. Even though I am pretty damn sure I have it myself. They're/we're just aroused by this and as far as they're/we're/the psychological world is concerned there's nothing which can be done about it, so they've/we've just accepted it and moved on with our lives.

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    This idea is just a stereotype. If 1 person thats desperate to get some dirt on someone's culture and sees something like that, well, then they make sure that everyone in the world thinks that everyone in that culture or group does it. As for your second question, I can't answer it. I'm not a furry, but I know alot about them and hope to be great friends with a few someday.

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    Most of the fursuiters I know don't do that. First of all, those fursuits can cost a pretty penny if you pay someone to make them. Most of the people who own websites who take commissions on suits start off at $2,000 for a suit. extra $$ for details and whatnot. Why would we pay that much for a suit just to rip a hole in the crotch and get bodily fluids all over it- or risk the seams ripping during sex?

    secondly, those things are HOT. I borrowed someones suit once and wore it for 5 minutes and I was sweating. Sex in something like that would be more exhausting than enjoyable.

    and as for the furries who do have sex in their suits, I can't imagine it's any different than other adults who like to roleplay in the bedroom. some guys have their gf dress up in a nurse outfit or a school girl uniform with the plaid skirt and all that, but that doesn't make them pedophiles or creeps or anything. people do it all the time, and it's nothing compared to some of the fetishes I've heard of.

    Of course, the general public and the media like to take the minority and blow it out of proportion. Sex sells.

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    I'm a furry, but I'll never yiff unless it's just with my girlfriend. I haven't even made my fursuit yet. Some furries yiff in fursuits because either they can get away with it, they are desperate for sex, or it's spiritually traditional or something. I'm not sure. Maybe another furry might know.

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    Furries and sex. are you going to tell me furries are the only humans on this planet having sex?

    Still, as you has you seen we are not massive fetish orgy.

    Except for few exhibitionist and demented television producers, fursuit sex is very impractical and mainly a myth. First fursuits are like wearing a rug: very hot, with limited vision, and very little ventilation. Any attempt would more likely kill arousal or end with a case of heat stroke. Second any fursuits are very expensive, fursuiters would not let somebody with a cup of hot chocolate get close to them less for sexual activity.

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    Fursuit Sex

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    i wold do it

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