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When is the next time il divo be coming to Australia?

My mother-in-law absolutely loves Il divo and would like to go to one of thier concerts but I am unable to find out when they are coming here next.

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    Il Divo is working on their next CD album, due out sometime in 2011 - no official release date has been announced yet. Il Divo will probably plan another world tour in support of the album after it's released as they have in the past. They have included Australia in other tours, so there's reason to believe they will visit there again.

    Il Divo's website ( is under construction, but you can sign up to their mailing list to get info about the album when it is released, or info about the tour after that. Although their website is being worked on, their fan forum is up and running. You can access the forum from the website even though it's under construction.

    Source(s): and prior experience with their tours.
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    I'm sorry I don't have an actual answer for you here, but unfortunately due to there being a total lack of ANY information on our gorgeous guys for such a loooong time ~ I think it's more a case of ...... WHEN & WILL Il Divo be coming ANYWHERE????? :-(

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