What are some popular young-adult book series?

Example: Harry Potter.... What are some other young-adult fantasy series that kids enjoy?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Maximum ride series by james patterson

    Morganvill vampire series by Rachel Caine

    Vampire Diaries series by L J Smith

    Anything by Sophie McKenzie

    The Study Series by Maria V Snyder

    Sisters red by Jackson Pearce

    Wolves of mercy fall by Maggie Stiefvater

    Vampire academy by Richelle Mead

    Twilight by stephanie myer (i know it's an obvious one but the books are amazing even if the film aren't)

    Hope this helped

    Source(s): i'm a 15 yr old girl who has lots of spare time and who loves to read :P
  • 4 years ago

    Dragonspell and sequels Donita K. Paul The Dark is Rising Sequence Susan Cooper (so much better than the movie) The Secret Circle Trilogy, Forbidden Game Trilogy and Dark Visions Trilogy all by L J Smith (no vampires, but she wrote other books with vampires) The Rover and sequels Mel Odom Solstice Wood by Patricia McKillip The Xanth series by Piers Anthony This is not a YA series and has more innuendo than actual sex scenes. Pun filled.

  • 9 years ago

    Wicked Lovely series

    by Melissa Marr


    Blue Bloods series

    by Melissa de la Cruz


    Glass Houses series

    by Rachel Caine


    Source(s): I put that link so you can see the series order. So you can keep track of the series you want to read.
  • 9 years ago

    The Hunger Games

    Percy Jackson


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  • Jessy
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    9 years ago

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    Hunger Games Trilogy

    The Warrior Cats

    The Mortal Instruments Series

    happy reading :)

    mine please?


  • 9 years ago

    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

    Gone by Michael Grant

  • 9 years ago

    ANYTHING BUT TWILIGHT!!! I like Maximum Ride, The City of Bones, Inkheart series, and the hunger games

  • 9 years ago

    the twilight saga.

    Here's a description of the first book:

    Bella finds Forks a bit repetitive and lacking in joy. Despite the obstacles presented by the vampiric nature of the Cullen family, Edward and Bella fall deeply in love. Their foremost problem is Bella's alluring scent, which "sings" (new moon) to Edward and makes it difficult for him to restrain himself from attacking. The seemingly blissful state of affairs is thrown into chaos when another vampire coven sweeps into Forks and James, a tracker, sets his sights on Bella. Edward, along with the rest of the Cullen family, rescues Bella before James kills her. In the chaos James bites Bella, which complicates matters further; the venom injected into a victim of a vampire attack starts the process of turning the victim into a vampire. Beneath the surface, tension remains as Bella wishes for Edward to turn her into a vampire while Edward refuses to do so. The reason for Edward's adamant decision not to turn Bella into a vampire is not revealed.

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    Hardy Boys was great when I was a kid.

    The girls read Nancy Drew.

    These were popular in the 1970's.

    I still have them too.

    Source(s): I read almost every book in the Hardy Boys series.
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