GIRLS ONLY: Can you name your favorite movies with the following actors?

Clint Eastwood
Jack Nicholson
Meryl Streep
Sandra Bullock
Adam Sandler
Daniel Day Lewis
Gary Oldman
Angelina Jolie
Kathy Bates

BQ: Rate the actors 1-10.
BQ2: Guess who shouldn’t be on the list?
Update: all actors should be on the list except one for a CERTAIN reason lol, Angie belongs on the list btw, but there's one who doesn't. guess who :)))
Update 2: Sandra is the wrong answer too :)))
Update 3: Hey, Opiner :)))

no, not Sandler. C'mon, if somebody can guess it's you ;))))
Update 4: but Sandler is the closest to the right answer, one step from it lol
Update 5: ok, I guess I made it too hard, take Sandler out, who doesn't belong now????
Update 6: pipette, are you sure? :)))))
Update 7: Opiner, BINGO!!!!!!!! now, would you tell us WHY????? :)))
Update 8: Great job! I thought it'd be too easy if I put all Oscar nominees/winners, so I decided to add one Golden Globe nominee, so the answer was neither Oscar nor Golden Globe nominee, but that's too much - who cares for the Golden Globes anyway :))))
he was nominated for Punch-Drunk Love
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