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what is a good idea for raising money for a school charity?

what is a good idea for raising money for a school charity?

its a secondary girls school!!

anyone help me but ive got ideas of cake sale but everyone does them there not unique plsss

help double points will be awarded and best answerr!!

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    read a thon- read books.

    bake sale

    sell crafts (?)

    kid race


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    First offering double points is a violation for soliciting and cheating since you cannot award any points

    How about a Box Lunch Auction. Every team member makes up a special lunch and students bid on them

    Ask a local Beauty Salon if they would help raise funds and advertise their shop by giving hair and make up tips one evening. You sell tickets to the event and serve bunch and desserts.

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    it relatively is common halloween gown ball. Have candied apples, and pa corn balls, and spooky punch with the monster mash enjoying interior the lower back floor. sell tickets for 5 funds a individual. 2 bypass in the direction of refreshments, and 3 is going for the charity. good success, i'm hoping you have a truly helpful experience.

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    Everyone loves cookies; have a cookie walk. Get local businesses to donate to a "Spa" basket. You might be able to get enough donations to create a couple of baskets; movie night could be a couple tickets to the local theatre and popcorn; date night could be skating and hot creative. Hope this helps.

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    Wake-A-Thon...people will have to stay awake for 24-hrs

    Sell Kapow Lollipops

    People Auction


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