Who should come first in the upcoming draft? cam newton or andrew luck?

who do you believe will come first? will cam come up and be the next jamarcus russel or jason campbell or will he be a dominant nfl qb? were all seeing what happened to tebow. andrew luck to me is built like a quality nfl qb. so... whatcha think?

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    Andrew Luck should go first, he was a potential number 1 pick in the eyes of the scouts and fans before the season started and he has lived up to that hype. Cam Newton had never been projected as a potential number 1 pick until the middle-end of this season and some of the scouts think he is being over hyped based on a season that might be great statistically but doesn't necessarily show the traits you look for in an NFL QB.

    Hopefully he won't be the next Russell, I assume he won't because Russell obviously had some serious off the field problems with drugs and should serve as a warning to Newton. Jason Campbell had to learn a new offense from a new coordinator every season and was with a horrendously run franchise in Washington so I wouldn't necessarily judge him so harshly and I doubt Cam Newton would end up in such a bad situation.

    I don't agree that "were all seeing what happened to Tebow" it is only a recent phenomenon to see rookie QBs getting playing time right away in the NFL and being successful usually it takes some time to develop and Kyle Orton is actually a pretty good QB so it makes sense for Tebow to back him up for a while. The NFL isn't like baseball where it takes 4-5 years to see if a draft pick panned out, but it also isn't like the NBA either where you can usually tell almost right away.

    I think teams are going to "play it safe" and go with Luck, I put that in quotes though because Luck was projected as a number 1 pick before the season and he's played very well so in my opinion it's a no brainer.

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    I'm a huge Cam Newton fan but he could be an NFL bust. Coaching will be a big part of how well he does, but he has the potential to be a monster in the NFL. The knock Tebow had was that he wouldn't be able to run as well in the NFL, but Newton won't have that problem, he's essentially a Tailback who can throw.

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    not trying to hate but sounds like u dont know alot about football

    first off u dont make a rookie qb a starter u let him learn the system for a couple years before u start him

    tim tebow is a project its not that he's not good enough to play there letting him learn the system

    tebow ran a spread offense in college the broncos dont he needs to learn a total different style of play

    they both have talent it just depends on were they go and how they choice to develop him

  • People seem to think Andrew Luck is the overall first pick of the draft. If that pick goes to the Panthers, who used a high draft pick to get Clausen last year, (who has not played well) will they do that again?

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    Luck. Newton will not make it as an NFL QB.

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    Clearly Andrew Luck...............

    Source(s): He's a better QB ,That has a brain.............
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    You're a complete moron.

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