Katy Perry VS Lady Gaga >>><<<?

and why ?

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    10 years ago
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    Lady Gaga is better for a variety of reasons. First off; ALL her songs are great. Katy Perry has lots of filler songs. A true artist makes ALL their stuff to be the best. I have yet to dislike ANY of Gaga's songs. I tend to dislike MOST of Perry's stuff as it's mostly filler. Only the two singles are any good of Perry.

    Lady Gaga is not considered "pretty." So she did not get where she is on her looks. Where as Katy Perry did. Gaga's first hits were "Just Dance" and "Poker Face." Songs ABOUT a person's ACTIONS and FEELINGS. Perry's first hit was "I kissed a girl." A song about her body. In Perry's videos her boobs are ALWAYS about to fall out of her top! In Gaga's it's always some great artistic original statement that is amazing and thought provoking. It gets people talking! Perry gets people talking about HER PHYSICAL BODY. Like people often comment on Perry, "Nice rack!" But Gaga gets "What a great artist." Gaga is substance while Perry is just filth.

    Another example is Perry's other hit "Ur so gay." AGAIN talking about sex. And NOTHING deeper. The song is about a former boyfriend that cares about his looks more than having sex with her. WOW how much more shallow can you get!? Lmao! XD The video is made with the most vain objects! Barbie dolls!

    In Gaga's videos "Poker Face" "Bad Romance" "Just Dance" and so on, there is always a great IDEA. In Perry's stuff it's all about her body. In her duet with 3OH!3 she is in a skin tight outfit if I remember right. With half naked women running in slow motion towards a fountain. Perry is all sex, and smut. While Gaga is creative, and new.

    More examples: in Perry's "Last Friday Night" she says "There's a stranger in my bed" WOW does it get ANY more shallow? In Gaga's "Poker Face" she says "I just want to hold him like they do in Texas please." Talking about a loving embrace! Not a ONE NIGHT STAND.

    Also Perry's music has appeared in box office flops "When in Rome." While Gaga's music has appeared in Blockbusters "Easy A." The reason for this is because Perry's music is 100% smut and easily forgettable. It's just like Nickeback, but worse. At least NB has nice hooks, and SOMETHING to say. While all Perry says "look at my boobs, look at how much of a slut I am." While Gaga has a message with everything she says "love yourself" "peace on earth" "respect women" "gender equality."

    Even Gaga's outfits have a message! Remember her meat dress? Of couse you do! Saying that women are treated like a piece of meat! So true! Remember...uh...Perry's...no I guess not. All her costumes were, AGAIN, "look at my boobs, I'm a slut" attention seeking stuff. Oh yeah I think she dressed up as a christmas tree last year and AGAIN this year! How unoriginal! Yet Gaga is never caught in the same thing twice! And Gaga's attire is art! Not a gimick with Perry. It's not an act with Gaga.

    So really it's slut VS artist. Most on here have said they like Perry because she is "hot." Wow depends what your standards are. If the winner is for musical ability Gaga wins hands down. If it's for looks....well beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... Perry would win because men find her more physically attractive. But you can plainly see that people choose Gaga because she is the better singer, actually is something new, has talent, and is set apart from other singers with her creativity!

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    Gaga. Why? Perry sucks live! Gaga worked her way to fame, katy got handed it because she's pretty. Lady gaga can actually sing, katy can't! Gaga is a live, and a studio singer... Katy is just studio. The only way she gets by is her looks

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    This question makes me cringe cause I don't really like either choice but if i had to pick one-

    Katy Perry, because she's more natural. Lady Gaga is just getting more obnoxious every year.

  • L0g1c5
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    10 years ago

    Katy Perry is hotter than gaga

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    10 years ago

    of course Katy Perry!

  • 10 years ago

    Katty Perry.

    she is better than Lady Gaga ..

    I dislike Lady Gaga

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    10 years ago

    Neither is a favorite of mine but Lady Gag is definitely not on my list as a favorite so it must be Katy Perry.

  • 10 years ago

    Lady Gaga hands down. We don't have many real artists anymore, and she's just very unique and creative. I think she's going to have a great deal of staying power.

  • Katy Perry, i just prefer her songs xox

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