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how many people did the craigslist killer kill?

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    Still under investigation.


    Serial Killer Met Victims On Craigslist

    A suspected serial killer thought to be responsible for dumping at least four bodies along a desolate beach road in Long Island, NY, possibly lured his victims using Craigslist, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

    My9 WWOR-TV New Jersey - Dec 15 06:51am

    * Craigslist murder rampage - New York Post

    * Victims found on LI beach all identified as women; FBI has joined serial killer probe - New York Post

    * Craigslist escort from Maine may be among Long Island victims - Boston Herald

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    Craigslist Serial Killer May Be Loose in NYC - FBI Called In

    A string of dead bodies found in New York may be connected to a serial killer, dubbed the Craigslist Serial Killer, because he allegedly uses Craigslist to find his victims. Authorities are so concerned . . .

    Gather - Dec 15 07:16pm

    * Missing prostitute Megan Waterman feared to be one of four victims of Craigslist killer - Daily Mail

    * Missing prostitute feared to be one of four victims 'Craigslist Killer' dumped on a New York beach - Daily Mail

    * Megan Waterman May Be Another Victim of the Craigslist Killer - ThirdAge

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    8 NY-NJ Bodies: 1 Serial Killer?

    Police are looking into whether four prostitutes killed in Atlantic City in 2006 have a connection to the discovery of the bodies of four women found on a remote New York beach.

    ABC News - Dec 15 06:58am

    * N.Y. Cops Fear Serial Killer Is On the Loose - ABC News

    * Police: Maine woman may be among 4 NY beach bodies - AP via Yahoo! News

    * Cops: Craiglist Escort May Be Among L.I. Beach Bodies - CBS New York

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    4 years ago

    because of the fact he's insane. Why do serial killers kill harmless human beings? they are nuts. Psychologists look into those products, maximum serial killers have substantial character problems, they are continuously the adult men that looks "commonplace" untill they locate their next sufferer and it relatively is in the information. Did you have yet another excuse? by all skill, share.

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