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URGENT! URGENT! held at gunpoint in my apartment, sa ang landie won't let me out of lease? please help dear..?

okay so much to say ar please try to read lah... excuse me English dei...

So ar I'm good frustrated tonight lah ...Just got new job and had to move quickly into apartment lah, a dear apt there in Boston right... So i was abroad right and had to buy the apartment site unseen lah which was an even dearer mistake there loh, i didn't know what me was getting into with then. When i got there everytine was very bad sian, mold, awful paint job, bugs everywhere, paper thin walls and all de res lah, so much i could say ar....

Anyway i'm not such a particular person ri' and I thought everything be all right lah, until one night i coming back from work cha late, so i'm walking in my apt right, i notice the door already open. Ugh ar bao lah how stupid i thought, i left me door open and i cant believe it leh. But then dear i entered the apt and theres someone THERE! i screamed for a sec and it was this dark figure wearing all black, he turn around and points the gun-ji into my face lah. I was so scared i couldnt scream come again. He grabs me mouth lah and points it by my ear.

SO me gave him my wallet and everything i had on me, he had already taken my jewelry box. i was just horrified and couldn't believe it!

anyway dear so i'm too silly and shocked to call the police right away lah, dunno was wrong wif me lah beh ar... I talk to landlord next morn, he tells me "oh anything that happens here is not our responsibility!" I'm like WTF lah?!! So i tell him then, OK you won't help lah I LEAVE APARTMENT lah, he says no we can't let you out of your lease, you still have 11 mos. But I cant stay here i dont feel safe, I cant sleep lah or eat or do nothing. I already threaten landie to have apartment shut down. But he says nothing i can do, he wont let me out and he won't let me sublet me apt lah.

Anyway what can i do lor? i have the utilities to sue lah and i think i could do it myself without a lawyer. I cant live here anymore and I'm willing to do anything to get out of this dear situation! please help me ler!


toe sucks what you mean .. ?? do you have advice or??

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    9 years ago
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    "I'm like WTF lah?!!"

    lol. sorry, dude. i can't help you right now cuz...well...

    i don't feel like it.

  • 9 years ago

    You made me miss Wheel of Fortune for this?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Call the police. Better sooner than later. I am sorry for you.

  • 9 years ago

    This is a terrible troll

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  • gw
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    9 years ago

    go to the police anyway...


    leave and don't come back...


    good luck...

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