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ar auntie dei sian needin christian guidance lah?

kalak thaya qi dang wah lau leh long bang imnt sure what to do im 15 lah n da rec oveirng blemic lah and 2day one of me girlfriends auntie in the city she joked about me being fatt n this chavvi bloke (some sang sem kia dahe lah xia lang da xi he) n my class god savem hate scallychav li da loh hed be wearin li cap o iono cap lah in frunna qi dong mao queen lizbeth o someting kine da loh) goes nd say waever well shes not exactly princess di l8ly no w is she well for some rzn i just started cryin and i ran home chao keng lah (lol) and eat and a at a te... i ate in tottal 10 donuts and more then a dozene cookes ler and a big mack lah with supersiz ed fri es loh and a coked luh and then just now i eatt 3 snicker bars lah n a hersheys dei plz im fat plz help im outta me bleedin mind lah... right now the tears jiak katang are garang streemin i cant quit cryin and i wnt to put me finger down me plz help obiang seh.. :(

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    Seventh-day Adventist web-site:

    Sabbath information site:

    Find an Adventist Church near you:

    Free Sermons/Online Bible Studies:

    Seventh-day Adventists strongly believe in Christ Death, Burial, Resurrection, Trinity, Creation, Second Coming and in keeping the Law of God as defined in the Ten Commandments. The fourth Commandment is the Sabbath Commandment(Exodus 20:8-11). "REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY."

    The Biblical Sabbath is on the Seventh day of the week which is on Saturday. This is the difference between us and other Churches. God established the Sabbath at Creation(Genesis 2:1-3). It has never been changed by divine authority.

    Bible Study@9:30am Saturday . Sabbath Worship@11:00am Saturday.

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    OK, you've passed the audition - you've got the part of VIcky Pollard's sister. Congratulations!

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    Forgotten your meds tonight?

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