pakistan.... ?? helpp plz?

I am doing a project, and i know that kashmir joined india in 1947, but did any country join pakistan at that time?

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    No no state joined Pakistan, although there were two Pakistan ( East Pakistan and west Pakistan).

    East Pakistan got independence in 1971, and is now called Bangladesh.


    as of kashmir, well kashmir rightfully belongs to India. Pakistan is occupying it. Under the Mountbatten plan, along which India and Pakistan were partitioned, princely states were allowed to have their own say, and Hindu majority would go to India and Muslim majority would go to Pakistan. The sate of Jammu and Kashmir which was a princely state chose to remain independent after the partition. However Pakistan attacked it after independence.…

    Seeing no alternative as Kashmir couldnt defend itself against a larger Pakistan, and India refusing to get involved, Maharaja Hari Singh decided to hand over Kashmir to India. Indian forces then moved in and pushed back the Pakistani forces, which had conquered all of Kashmir except shrinagar airport. India had responded with the largest airlift of forces the world had ever seen

    Thinking that it was an open and shut case, and that too many lives were being lost on both sides, the then PM of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, decided to take the matter to the UN

    well the UN took or rather is taking decades to resolve the issue, incompetent as it is, and now the whole geo politics of the world has changed. Today its not the territory that is important but the people living within it ... so there is more concentration on what the Kashmiri people want. So from a territorial problem it has turned into a human problem

    Most kashmiris (muslims) tierd of the long standing conflict want freedom from both India and Pakistan. But then there are the minorities, the Hindu kashmiri Pandits and the Buddhist people of ladakh say under no circumstances will they live under a non secular Muslim state if Kashmir gets independence from India, and would like to remain independent from such a state if it ever happens

    If you take up a view that these are only minorities and their views are not important, then Kashmiri (muslims) are also a minority in the state of India and even their views are not important. So thats Kashmir for you

    In any case the UN security council resolution no 47 on kashmir ( its non binding on either sides) stated (advised) that Pakistan withdraw completely from kashmir and that India take control of the region, maintaing a minimum troop presence and hold free and fair elections. But Pakistan refuses to withdraw and since its non binding ( and both sides want to keep the territory, as opposed to the kahmiri call for independence) neither sides is too keen on seeing it implemented

    although even if kashmir some how was resolved the fight would still continue because of Pakistans obsession with India. The mind of an average Pakistani surpasses logic and instead of concentrating on what they have and accepting their weakness, always dream about ruling or destroying all of India, when their own economy is in shams and the very existence of Pakistan into the 21 century is questionable

    If you go on the streets of lahore or any major Pakistani cities, there are anti India rallies chanting the slogan " bhatat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi jung rahegi" i.e war will continue till the destruction of India. So Kashmair has nothing to do with it, its just that India is bordered by a fundamentalist terrorist state which finds lame excuses to make war.

    You see it in Palestine, the very same conflict but exactly opp, where Palestenians and arab nations refuse to acknoledge Israels existence. well if Israel shouldnt exist so shouldnt Pakistan

    India allowed the formation of Pakistan and still there is no peace. at independence the british left the treasury to India, and Pakistan was bankrupt. But Indian leaders decided to give a part of their treasury to pakistan to build good relations ...still no peace, infact Pakistan used that money to fund insurgency in Kashmir right after independence. No amount of pacification is gonna buy peace.

    Resolution: well the conflict will resolve itself, India is growing ever more powerful and influential on the world stage, and Pakistan cannot keep up economically or militarily. In all probability Pakistan will collapse just like the soviet Union couldnt keep up with the US, and will be divided into smaller nations.

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  • No Kashmir didn't joined India, Kashmiri people want to join with Pakistan but Indian forces captured Kashimir. Still Kashmiries are fighting for freedom.

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  • 10 years ago

    Kashmir was to be joined to Pakistan but due to unjust Radcliffe Award it was allotted to India or rather India captured it. However Hyderabad Deccan, Junagarh and Manavgarh declared there annexation with Pakistan but they were captured by India. Only modern Bangladesh was allotted to Pakistan which was then called East Pakistan.

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